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Since 2014, Hyland’s Hy-Tech Club has offered free, dynamic learning opportunities that cater to the technology-centered interests of high school students.

It’s been quite a journey!

Back then, as part of ongoing recruitment efforts here at Hyland headquarters, our own software developers recognized that there was a shortage of computer science graduates coming out of college for the large number of positions that we needed to fill. And we are just one company in the vast landscape of organizations needing programmers.

So those developers and Hyland trainers, many of whom had been walking in student shoes just a few years earlier, stepped up an effort to foster tech learning and growing opportunities for teens before they even get to college.

The resulting Hy-Tech Club allows students to explore and discover their passions within the technology field. It also gives students a glimpse into the life of tech professionals…with instructors sharing things like how a developer goes about their day, the kind of tools they work with and what kind of challenges they have to face.

Central to this whole Hy-Tech Club effort has been fostering the fun in technology camaraderie. Clayton Sandham, a software developer at Hyland and Hy-Tech instructor explains why this is powerful:

“It’s a really cool thing to be able to work with students and help them learn and grow in their love of programming — without any fear of getting it wrong. Because that’s part of the process of being a developer…to just try things, and in the midst of failure you can learn a lot. And succeed.”

5 things you need to know and how to apply for Virtual Hy-Tech Club 2021, Spring semester

Like nearly every face-to-face gathering in our daily lives around the world, in 2020 the Hy-Tech Club pivoted to a new virtual classroom setting, where students from virtually any location can participate. And it was still fun. And successful!

Which is a good thing, because the demand for software developers is growing, fast. In fact a recent 2021 article stated, “In six months, the world has jumped forward 10 years in how it views digital as the primary channel.”

Have a student in mind who would like to participate in Spring 2021 Hy-Tech Club?

Here’s what you need to know:

     1. What is Hy-Tech club? Hy-Tech Club is a free after-school program for high school students.

Students meet via Zoom on a weekly basis and learn from Hyland employees alongside new, like-minded friends from different schools. The club offers a variety of programming courses ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, focusing on coding languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C#. Courses offered in this fun, interactive environment include:

  • Introductory classes, like Web 101: HTML & CSS and C#101: Intro to C#, and
  • More advanced courses, including Web Design 201: Full-stack Web Development

You can learn more about the available courses for the Spring 2021 semester here.

     2. Who can participate? Any high school student is encouraged to apply as long as they are able to attend the weekly meetings from 4-6 p.m. EDT. No previous coding experience is necessary, only an interest in learning. Additionally, students must have access to the following technology:

  • Internet
  • Laptop, desktop PC or Chromebook.
    Note that if the student will be using a Chromebook, instructors may recommend adding an additional device in order for the student to be able to comfortably watch the Zoom meeting and code at the same time.
  • Microphone or other audio equipment.
    If students don’t have a microphone attached to their computer, they will need to connect to audio via phone.

     3. How do students apply for Hy-Tech Club? It’s easy.

  • Read additional important information here
  • Submit an application here. Students are required to complete all pieces of the application by 11:59 p.m. EDT, February 10, 2021.

Please note that Hy-Tech Club asks parents not to fill out the application for their child. All applications must be filled out by the student, in the student’s own words. This helps instructors to understand not only the technical level of the student, but their personality as well, contributing to successful class interaction from the get go.

     4. What is the schedule for Spring 2021? The semester begins February 16 or 17, depending on the course the student is assigned.

The semester lasts for 12 weeks, with weekly classes held either Tuesday or Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. EDT. The schedule will be finalized based on the majority of student availability.

     5. Why should students participate in Hy-Tech Club? Beyond gaining valuable technical skills and knowledge, joining the virtual Hy-Tech Club is a great way for students to feel like they’re a part of something and to connect with like-minded peers in a fun and innovative environment.

It’s important that the students have a great time – important for both students and Hyland instructors,” Joseph Maxwell, technical trainer and Hy-Tech Club coordinator recently shared at a Hyland company meeting.

This can be a healthy outlet and positive remote learning experience for today’s students who may feel isolated from their peers with the recent transition to online classes in their daily life.

In Hy-Tech Club, students participate just for the joy of exploring something new and highly relevant in today’s world. The bonus is, they further their technical education by learning in an engaging environment from today’s tech leaders, who have just as much fun in class as their students.

But don’t take our word for it!

Here are some testimonies from previous students:

“Whenever you see programmers depicted, they are always hunched over computers typing ones and zeroes and it’s not like that! All languages kind of have a base and it’s not incredibly hard to learn, but this is a really good place to start.”

“This is a wonderful program that is very adaptable to all situations. You guys beautifully adapted to this corona situation and handled it perfectly.”

“Since I started Hy-Tech Club, I have learned so much about coding. The curriculum is easy to learn from and the instructors are great to work with.

“The Hy-Tech Club is a great experience for those who want to learn to code. It welcomes beginners with a sense of social and fun experiences.”

A glimpse into the world of high technology requires no previous experience

Regardless of whether students are currently taking computer science courses, Hy-Tech club energizes awareness to the field, fostering enthusiasm and skills that help prepare students for a potential career in technology.

Looking forward to another successful semester, Hy-Tech Club instructors can’t wait to ‘see’ the inaugural class of 2021 and create new favorite experiences!

Marissa Dilisio is Project Manager for Tech Outreach/Hyland Lab. She is passionate about community outreach and loves being a part of a team that allows students explore their passion for innovation and technology. Outside of work she loves to bake, work on digital illustrations and binge watch reality TV shows.
Marissa Dilisio

Marissa Dilisio

Marissa Dilisio is Project Manager for Tech Outreach/Hyland Lab. She is passionate about community outreach and loves being a part of a team that allows students explore their passion for... read more about: Marissa Dilisio