It’s Customer Appreciation Week at Hyland!

I hope you are having a nice week and enjoying the beginning of fall as the leaves begin their magical transformation.

In addition to the changing foliage, it’s also a very special time of the year here at Hyland. From October 2 – 6, it is Customer Appreciation Week (CAW).

To me, customers are both external and internal. So to all of you reading this, let me say I hope Hyland shows you how much we appreciate you! To our external customers who utilize our many solutions that help their organizations become more efficient and effective, we thank you for your confidence.

And to our internal customers who work with our external customers, we cannot say ‘thank you’ enough!

CAW: The week that lasts all year long

Last year, the focus of the week was centered on understanding and strengthening our ‘customer first’ approach that’s already such an integral part of our unique culture here at Hyland.

This year, for the fourth annual CAW, the CX team will be focusing on the theme of “Appreciation,” as it relates to the attitude we express to both our customers and our employees. Appreciate will resonate on our campuses and beyond to our offices around the globe!

The level of appreciation and support that we all show our customers is in large part why Hyland has earned such a strong reputation for customer service among industry peers and customers alike. That’s because every employee at Hyland is responsible for delivering customer experiences that result in loyal, lasting relationships.

The power of ‘customer first’

Why so much attention on these two words?

They may seem small at first glance, but when joined together, they form a resounding philosophy for all Hylanders; a deeply ingrained ideal that every employee carries and acts on throughout the workday and during every customer interaction.

We always place our customers first. It’s because of this belief and the prioritization of our customers that makes them the enthusiastic, vocal, and loyal bunch that they are.

Our customers have helped us become a market-leader in ECM platform technology. They’ve also helped us earn a reputation as a leader in customer engagement as well. For more than 25 years, we’ve been motivated by an unwavering commitment to deliver quality solutions alongside quality services that are driven by customer requests.

We have set the bar high for ourselves. We want to go above and beyond mere customer satisfaction – we want to WOW our customers through every experience they have with our products, our people, and our company.

The power of people first

Because at the end of the day, it’s the people in our customer organizations we care about. And why wouldn’t we want to impress and engage our customers? Creating meaningful and engaging experiences for our customers is not just good for them, it is also good for our business, which is ultimately good for our Hyland family.

Not to mention, it’s the right thing to do.

I cannot thank you enough for the continued trust you have bestowed to Hyland over the years. All of your honest feedback, innovative suggestions, and the enthusiasm you show continues to be an extreme motivator to reach higher and try harder to be the best company, deliver the best solutions and services, and provide the best experiences we possibly can.

Because you deserve it and we sincerely appreciate you. Happy fall and happy Customer Appreciation Week!

George Angelato is the newly appointed Vice President of Customer Experience and Loyalty at Hyland. Before assuming his new role, he was Hyland’s Vice President of Quality Assurance and Documentation for 16+ years, where he led a team of 250+ responsible for the testing and documenting of our products and solutions. Nearly 22 years ago, George met Hyland founder and CEO, Packy Hyland Jr., at General Electric. During the yearlong implementation, Packy told George, “I have a great product, but the way I’m going to build a great company is through exceptional customer service. Would you be interested in joining Hyland to help drive customer service?” George was thrilled to accept the offer. Throughout his 22 years at Hyland, he has always been a huge customer and employee advocate. Now, with his new role, he is returning to the roots of what brought him to Hyland. George graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in business. His passion for exceptional customer experience is part of his heritage. His father owned restaurants, which gave George the opportunity to be a part of the service industry, where customer service is key. During his time at Hyland, George has been very active in forming the Northern Ohio Software Quality Assurance Association (NOSQAA), a professional business organization dedicated to software quality. He was a CompTIA Board Member and worked as a subject matter expert for certifications germane to the ECM industry. He currently sits on the board of the West Side Catholic Center.
George Angelato

George Angelato

George Angelato is the newly appointed Vice President of Customer Experience and Loyalty at Hyland. Before assuming his new role, he was Hyland’s Vice President of Quality Assurance and Documentation... read more about: George Angelato