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Whether you’re new to Hyland or you’ve been with us since the beginning, one thing you’ve likely noticed is our focus on the word ‘community.’

From CommunityLIVE – our annual tech and user conference – to Hyland Community – our online hub where customers, partners, and employees share their viewpoints and have discussions with subject matter experts – we’re all about community.

It’s not just a slogan.

Supporting the community

Since 1991, it’s been our mission to help our customers, partners, and employees exceed their potential. We believe we can all accomplish just about anything when we have the freedom to innovate, be creative, and embrace the future. That, and an intense dedication to our core values, is the foundation for our award-winning software and the accompanying services.

Here at Hyland, we’re committed to doing what’s best for the communities around the world where we have offices and remote employees. Throughout the year, we have many innovative ways to promote giving back to our communities.

But during the holiday season, we step it up.

Breaking the pattern

Our annual holiday raffle starts with a company-wide vote for non-profits and ends with several charities receiving the funds we generate.

This year, one of them was the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The center’s mission syncs perfectly with Hyland’s core values, as it seeks to empower individuals, educate the community, and advocate for justice.

Jennifer Hughes, a technical trainer at Hyland, nominated DVCAC because it not only offers shelter, education, and trauma relief, but also works with government agencies that serve the community to extend its reach.

“To know that there is a way out is so important,” said Hughes. “It’s just a matter of trying to break that pattern.”

In a year filled with uncertainty, it’s great to know there are people out there doing all they can to help the community. And you can count on Hyland to support them.

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