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1. The content approach you need to enable remote work

What you need to know: In 2017, Gartner retired the phrase ‘enterprise content management’ systems (ECM) and adopted ‘content services platform’ (CSP). Why? Because it better describes what organizations need for the management and use of content in our digital world.

The 60-second download: CMSWire’s run-down of the CSP market answers the question, What are content services platforms? and highlights the four Leaders named in this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platform (Hyland was named a leader for the 12th consecutive year). Author David Roe, a technology reporter, notes the importance of a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) for organizing, storing and sharing digital content effortlessly, and outlines the top five ways content services platforms enable remote working:

  1. Granular permission levels that keep information secure
  2. Remote-minded security, like activity logs and two-factor authentication
  3. Robust collaboration tools
  4. Effective communication notifications
  5. Remote management of content

Read it all: The elements of content management systems that enable remote work, via CMSWire

2. NHS budget 2021: Extra funding for digital technology

What you need to know: The investment will help give NHS staff better access to digital patient records so they can get the best care, no matter where they live.

The 60-second download: In fall 2021, the NHS received an extra £5.9 billion in its budget, with  £2.3 billion designated for more diagnostic tests, like CT, MRI and ultrasound scans. The investment “signals a clear commitment by the Government to accelerate digital transformation across the NHS,” according to Peter Corscadden, Install base manager EMEA at Hyland Healthcare.

Read it all: Budget 2021: Extra funding for digital technology welcomed amid calls for tackling staff shortages, via Healthcare IT News

3. 5 tips for finding an RPA solution

What you need to know: The insurance industry is ripe for robotic process automation bots to make a very human, very substantial contribution to business. First, you need to find a vendor — here’s how.

The 60-second download: Robotic process automation (RPA) is great, but when you dovetail it with content services? Invaluable, according to Jeff Hiegert, a product manager for insurance at Hyland. When combined, the bots in an RPA solution manage repetitive digital workflows, improve efficiency and accuracy, and open up staff for growth-mindset acceleration. To get started with bots, Heigert recommends you toss these five questions to potential RPA partners:

  1. Will a standard solution suffice, or do you need a tailor-made RPA solution?
  2. What are providers’ success stories when it comes to scalability?
  3. How can the RPA platform integrate with your other systems?
  4. Does the RPA solution meet or exceed your existing security and compliance standards?
  5. Does the breadth of the RPA solution include self-learning bots, so your processes get smarter all the time?

Read it all: 5 tips for finding an RPA solution, via InsuranceThoughtLeadership.com

4. Too much intelligence? How to right-size your automation

What you need to know: With so much hype in the marketplace about artificial intelligence (AI) tools, tech-enthused leaders might invest in too much intelligence to solve their automation needs.

The 60-second download: You need the right amount of automation and intelligence for your team’s needs, not necessarily the latest AI marvel. Monique Williams, a Hyland regional sales manager in South Africa, says that not all automation projects require AI. In fact, deploying AI or machine learning for projects with fixed parameters would be unsuitable— disadvantageous, even. Williams lays out two ways to make the right automation decisions:

  1. Understand the current state and the ‘to be’ state
  2. Remember the human dimension

Read it all: How intelligent does your automation need to be? via ITWeb

Xander Schauffele was featured in Golf Magazine.

5. Xander Schauffele, Hyland’s favorite golfer, is a pretty good guy

What you need to know: Xander Schauffele, an American PGA star and Hyland’s brand ambassador, was featured in a 360-degree profile in Golf Magazine.

The 60-second download: At just 28 years old, the guy is an Olympic gold medal winner, Ryder Cup stand-out and No. 5 on the FedExCup Rank. And that’s just golf. In November’s Golf Magazine profile, Xander’s other roles in life — as a son, a brother, a husband and a friend — are highlighted. From marrying his college sweetheart (who didn’t know he played golf when she met him) to offering up a couch to a buddy (right before he, Xander, was about to start his rookie PGA season) and even to meeting his father’s pleas to earn a college scholarship (because, Stefan Schauffele said, he didn’t have money left after paying for Xander’s brother’s tuition), the article is a fun read with great photos. Check it out and get to know Hyland’s favorite competitor.

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