5 stand-out articles in 5 minutes: Industry favorites from January 2022

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1. Automated intelligence as a competitive differentiator

What you need to know: Hyland VP of Product Management Scott Craig detailed for Dataversity three best practices when using automated intelligence (AI) to improve compliance and content management. 

The 60-second download: Organizations are realizing how AI can help keep up with customer expectations and the ever-increasing influx of digital content. But most are still struggling to understand how to best incorporate these solutions. Craig offers guidance for integrating intelligent technologies to achieve real-time insights and remove compliance risk:

  • Data is for machines; content is for human consumption. As data sources and surrounding regulations grow, AI is key for handling compliance concerns. And, when aligned with a content management plan, AI technology helps to make content more accessible so it can be leveraged to provide better business insights and improve customer experience.
  • Data privacy laws continue to grow and include new restrictions on storing and using personally identifiable information. AI-assisted publishing and detection help organizations eliminate privacy and compliance errors that usually accompany manual processes. When using AI to handle large digital landscapes, human error is no longer a concern during the review and retention process.
  • Unlocking the value of content is a major challenge.For businesses struggling to collect the right information for better insights and decision-making, AI automatically provides context to each data point, and content overall, transforming it into a true asset that can be leveraged at scale.

Read it all: 3 best practices when using AI to improve compliance and content management, via Dataversity

2. 4 cloud predictions for 2022

What you need to know: As part of VM Blog’s 2022 predictions feature, Hyland SVP of Cloud Infrastructure and Operations Will Milewski offered his expertise on the future of cloud migrations and what organizations should do to prepare.

The 60-second download: If you’re thinking of migrating your content management to the cloud, Milewski says you’re already behind. Here’s what he predicts organizations willrealize in 2022:

  • Cloud migrations are not as daunting as they once were
  • Your organization can and should be involved with the vendor’s migration process
  • Benefits to migrating will only intensify — especially security
  • Vendors are making implementations better and faster

Read it all: The future of cloud migration and its benefits, via VM Blog

3. Cybersecurity isn’t just an IT concern

What you need to know: Ignoring the possibility of a cyberattack won’t make it any less likely to happen to you. Hyland Director of Cybersecurity Dylan Border contributed to a Human Resource Executive piece that helps HR leaders prepare for ransomware attacks.

The 60-second download: Usually, ransomware attacks are the result of an employee putting the organization at risk — unknowingly or intentionally — making it critical to ensure you and your workforce are educated about how to keep hackers at bay.

Contrary to what some business leaders may think, attacks are preventable. Knowing what you’re up against is the first step. When it comes to HR systems, there’s a lot you can do, including conducting business continuity planning. According to Border, this should happen at least annually to ensure HR and IT teams have a plan for how to minimize the impact to systems during outages or cyberattacks.

Read the article to get more tips from cybersecurity experts on legal implications, crisis response plans, running drills and more.

Read it all: 9 principles to help HR leaders prepare for ransomware attacks, via HR Executive

4. The compliance deadline is looming: What now?

What you need to know: Federal government agencies are mandated by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Office of Budget and Management to digitize their records management, under the M-19-21 directive. Troy Doller, Hyland’s director of government sales, offered his guidance to NextGov readers on how those agencies can achieve compliance.

The 60-second download: Agencies employing an enterprise records management system will be better equipped to handle the next required steps. Doller suggests a strategic records management plan that will allow agencies to:

  • Capture and access documents from anywhere
  • Automate workflows and document routing to accelerate reviews and/or decisions
  • Automate time-consuming tasks based on human data entry with robotic process automation and the deployment of bots to replace that human interaction
  • Leverage low-code application development for faster solution delivery
  • Integrate with core government systems, thereby extending the value of and easing concern over an agency’s initial investment in such deployments

Next, he recommends starting the implementation process with representation from across the agency so all parties’ interests and needs are addressed.

Read it all: Is your agency ready for NARA’s electronic records deadline? via NextGov

5. Health tech experts share how care will improve in 2022

What you need to know: Hyland Healthcare’s Peter Corscadden predicts the cloud is set to become an even greater enabler in 2022. He spoke to Health Tech Newspaper about what to expect.

The 60-second download: “Healthcare providers are seeking greater operational flexibility, efficiency and resilience, to support the fundamental objective of improving patient outcomes,” Corscadden said. “There is growing recognition that by delivering, say, content services capabilities through a secure and scalable cloud platform, institutions are in a stronger position to advance digital engagement and the overall patient experience, as well as supporting new clinical working practices. Enterprise diagnostic imaging and digital pathology are just two specialties where the cloud will continue to have a transformational impact.”

The article provides more expert insight on automation, analytics, cloud capabilities, worker upskilling, care equity and more from Corscadden and others in the healthcare tech space.

Read it all: Health tech predictions for 2022, via Health Tech Newspaper

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