5 stand-out articles in 5 minutes: Industry favorites from February 2022

Industry stand-outs for February 2022

Love enterprise tech but low on browsing time?

Here are five interesting pieces from around the world, distilled and delivered for your busy schedule.

1. Pandemic lessons from the CFO perspective

What you need to know: Hyland CFO Nancy Person moved into her new role at the outset of the pandemic, which, in hindsight, wasn’t the worst time for the move. In this Q&A with CFO, she details Hyland’s response to the pandemic and how enterprise software implementation has changed.

The 60-second download: Person knew the company had to do things differently starting in 2020. From hiring and employee retention to adding value for customers, she shares her strategy heading into a post-pandemic future.

“You have to be thoughtful in your spending, take a little extra time to find the best price,” she said. “Look at the value you’re getting from vendors. Do you go out to bid more often and issue RFPs? But then it’s also thinking about how you price your solution while staying relevant in the market.”

Read it all: Hyland’s Nancy Person navigates the post-pandemic economy

2. Breaking down hyperautomation

What you need to know: Tim Hood, Hyland’s VP for EMEA and APAC, spoke to Business Chief about building a more resilient workplace. The secret? Integrating hyperautomation tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning into existing processes.

The 60-second download: When 92% of employees admit to wasting a day every week searching for the data they need, it’s time to consider what Gartner describes as “… a business-driven, disciplined approach … to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible… [involving] the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platforms.”

Find out more about how tech like RPA, AI and ML fit into a strategy that fundamentally transforms the way employees work, connecting tools and creating end-to-end workflows.

Read it all: How RPA, AI and ML can build workforce resilience

3. Making tech work together

What you need to know: Hyland APAC country manager Jamie Atherton writes for CFO Tech about how faster, holistic access to content empowers an organization to streamline processes across the board, and how content services align with the mindset of agility and true integration.

The 60-second download: While a content services platform certainly can stand alone, there’s a much more interoperable technology ecosystem now available for enterprises to add complementary tools, services and functionality — and thereby dramatically increase core capabilities.

Read it all: Modernisation, and the evolution of content services

4. AI and human customers: a double-edged sword

What you need to know: In his ongoing customer experience series for CMSWire, Hyland director of content engineering Alan Porter writes that one size does not fit all when it comes to AI and customer service – especially when it comes to ordering T-shirts.

The 60-second download: Sometimes, intelligent automation is a customer-experience life-saver. These tools can be trained to look for discrepancies in data patterns, catching mistakes and resolving issues before they even arise. But, in other situations, automation is a tool that frees up humans to do what they do best: think critically.

In business — and in T-shirt shopping — that can make all the difference.

Read it all: One size does not fit all with AI and customer service

5. Is BYOD right for you?

What you need to know: Hyland director of cybersecurity Dylan Border details for ReadWrite how secure bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies aid recruitment and enable smarter work.

The 60-second download: “In a competitive job market that favors the job seeker, perks that make remote work more comfortable and productive give you the edge,” Border said. “Taking the time to reconsider your BYOD policies and procedures is good practice, with hybrid work becoming the norm.”

He provides a few questions to consider when looking into BYOD policies:

  • Is security multi-layered?
  • Are you aware of security trends?
  • Is BYOD built into the culture?
  • Do employees know your policies?
  • Are IT, HR and Marketing talking?

Read it all: How secure BYOD policies aid recruitment and enable smarter work

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