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1. How managing digital assets leads to enterprise-wide wins

What you need to know: Without a modern and strategic plan for assigning metadata to every piece of the content within your enterprise, including images, your team’s efforts are likely to result in redundancy and wasted opportunities.

The 60-second download: “Metadata, or the content about the content, is often more important than the image itself,” says Alan Porter, Director of Product Marketing at Hyland. “The absence of metadata makes it almost impossible to find and reuse an image or other content assets.” Porter shares an example of this premise and how a digital asset management (DAM) could apply:

  • A clothing company sold a basic white T-shirt
  • An audit found the T-shirt was being photographed by multiple groups within the company multiple times a year, without any of them knowing
  • A DAM, using AI and machine learning, could extract information from uploaded images, apply consistent metadata and eliminate redundant efforts, saving time and money for the company

Read it all: T-shirts: The importance of image metadata, via In-House Agency Forum

2. Content collaboration is king

What you need to know: Content collaboration, while always important, became a priority when workforces were forced into remote environments. As employees continue to choose a decentralized work setup, enabling them to work securely, easily and effectively will become a differentiator.

The 60-second download: Today’s content collaboration landscape primarily refers to the next generation of file-sharing tools. In this piece, learn about essential features of the best solutions, how to deploy, and the benefits of upgrading your strategy, which include:

  • Easier content management
  • Better communication across teams
  • Faster file access
  • Improved communication with clients or customers
  • Smoother workflows
  • Enhanced security

TechTarget’s piece mentions Hyland as a leader in the content collaboration space.

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3. Cloud experts give 4 tips for nailing your cloud strategy

What you need to know: Organizations are adopting a cloud-first model at a staggering pace, with Gartner analysts predicting not only that 85 percent of organizations will do so by 2025, but also that without it, digital strategies can’t be fully realized.

The 60-second download: Cloud specialists, including Hyland’s Will Milewski, senior vice president for cloud infrastructure and operations, offer perspectives on the organizational trends paving the way for the cloud-first market:

Read it all: How to build a digital-first strategy for the digital workplace, via CMSWire

4. Document management systems are still key enterprise technologies

What you need to know: While the global document management system market is expected to grow significantly in the next couple of years, Hyland’s Sam Babic, chief innovation officer, says enterprises have work to do to fortify their document management systems for a distributed workforce model.

The 60-second download: With the need to rapidly modernize document management systems to be more collaborative, accessible, secure and efficient, many leaders see hyper-automation as the next stop on the digital transformation roadmap. Hyper-automation, according to Babic, requires a full set of tools — robotic process automation and cloud-based software deployment, for example — that work together to drive efficiency. Cumulatively, hyper-automation automates end-to-end workflows in a way that legacy automation solutions can’t due to their lack of interoperability across the tech stack.

Read it all: Why document management systems are still key enterprise technologies, via CMSWire

5. Hyland pinpoints 2022 content services trends

What you need to know: Hyland leaders share what CIOs and IT managers should have on their radars for 2022 in order to formulate a strategic content services technology road map.

The 60-second download: With so many transformative technology opportunities available to leaders, it can be difficult to home in on which is the most important. Hyland’s leaders brought together the top four trends in content services:

  1. Automation will be key: Robotic process automation and intelligent automation, coupled with analytics, will drive digital transformation, support compliance and increase productivity enterprise-wide.
  2. AI and analytics support data-driven decisions: Collected data is only powerful if you’re able to extract and leverage it. With the help of machine learning, AI and analytics, organizations can gain insights and apply them to large data sets for better decision-making.
  3. Remote access and cloud migration are critical: Organizations must continue to expand new offerings of cloud technologies to meet the need for remote workforces and users.
  4. Self-managed and decentralized identities: The digital world, from business practices to personal use, is moving toward the idea that people should own their own data. This means organizations will need the infrastructure in place to manage these interactions in a secure and verifiable manner.

Read it all: Hyland: Outlook on content services trends 2022, via IT Management Today

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