HylandWIN EMEA: A mindset session with professional mentor Anja Oster

One thing I love about working for Hyland is being a part of one of the Women in Networking groups (WIN).

Some weeks ago, members of the HylandWIN group in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region (EMEA) started a discussion during our bi-weekly virtual coffee breaks on how the mindsets of women can be different to those of men. Therefore, we decided to find an expert to come in and talk to us about it.

I’m proud to announce, HylandWIN EMEA recently hosted a special session for our (primarily) female coworkers with external speaker Anja Oster on the topic of ‘mindset’ and how this effects our daily lives – both professional as well as private.

The power of positive thinking and posing

Anja grew up in East Germany (German Democratic Republic) and was nine years old when the wall came down. So she learned early on that “one thing you can always rely on is change.”

“It had a deep impact on me and my consciousness,” Anja said. “Everything changed, even the school system changed. But changing and growing out of those situations has helped me always see the positive. It all started back when I was nine.”

After school, Anja started her career as a sales leader for XING (the equivalent of LinkedIn in the German-speaking region) and moved on to become an entrepreneur. She then decided to take that knowledge and become a trainer, coach, and mentor.

During our special session, Anja discussed with our team members how the subconscious influences your mindset. She then showed us how you can change it for the better with a two-minute exercise that you can easily integrate into your daily schedule. It’s all about power posing – for example, standing with your arms raised like you just won a race – for two minutes to raise your energy.

“In the end,” she said, “having higher, positive energy will help you win.”

Put that positive power on the street

Anja guided us through some lessons she learnt herself as well as explained to us what well-known TED Talks and other coaches are saying about this topic. She also talked about studies that show how carrying yourself in a more positive, powerful manner leads to positive outcomes.

We also did other mindset exercises that made the session very interactive, engaging, and most of all, fun. Anja showed us how easy it is to become more accountable, more passionate, and more authentic to others by putting our “power on the street.”

Thank you and Anja so much for this session. It was fun, informative and produced much food for thought. I will definitely be adopting the two-minute ‘strong pose’ into my day!
– Wendy Kirton, office manager @Hyland’s UK office

Thanks for choosing a great speaker – Anja was fun and practical!
– Jasmina Jurkovic, success advisor @Hyland’s Amersfoort office

Thank you for today’s session. Anja inspired and strengthened me like after our first conversation I had with her.
– Beatrice Mustelier-Pennewiß, manager of Technical Support @Hyland’s Berlin office

I really enjoyed the Mindset session with Anja Oster. Lots of great tips! Thanks for making her available to us. I left her session inspired.
– Colleen Alber, senior product evangelist @Hyland’s Westlake office

About HylandWIN women in networking

The mission for HylandWIN groups is to empower women to excel both professionally and personally. The group strives to identify, develop, and promote the strengths of Hyland’s female employees to enhance the overall success of our entire community.

That said, any Hyland employee is always welcome.

I hope you find this to be a helpful reminder that in both our careers and personal lives, sometimes we need to stop and take two minutes to check in with ourselves, reset our minds, and reset our energy. It really does lead to positive outcomes.

Anett Donath

Anett Donath

Anett Donath is a Hyland Sales Academy strategist who works remotely from Vienna, Austria.

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