Hyland turns 30: What three decades of community looks like

This month, we’re celebrating 30 years in business and reflecting on what makes Hyland a thriving, special, family-oriented place to work.

“Employees are our family” is one of Hyland’s five Core Values. It’s part of what empowers everyone to bring their best selves to work, and it’s never occurred to us to do things any other way.

It’s common for new employees to come into the fold expecting business as usual, but they soon realize that being a Hylander is decidedly unusual — in the best way possible.

This month, we’re celebrating 30 years in business and reflecting on what makes Hyland a thriving, special, family-oriented place to work. Whether it’s a seasoned Hyland veteran from our headquarters in Ohio or a newer hire on the other side of the world, we take pride in continuing the legacy of treating employees like family.

It’s easy for a company to say our employees are happy and engaged, but it’s another thing to hear it from the employees themselves. Luckily, our employees like to talk. Take a look at what they say about #HylandLife.

A family-first culture

There’s a reason we call it the “Hyland family.” Decades of growth haven’t changed the caring spirit at the heart of our community of helpers.

Ed Hinton Associate vice president, R&D, Healthcare Content Services, United States

“When I was moving to Ohio in 2017 to take on leading Healthcare R&D, during a business trip to Westlake before relocating, I had a health issue arise that put me in the hospital. Without being asked, individuals from both my own department and other departments stepped up to help out, from showing up in the ER to ensuring I was not alone to providing supplies at my hotel to assisting my wife in flying out to Westlake to be with me.

The way people care about each other at Hyland beyond the work environment is a big part of what makes Hyland a special place.”

Lisa Kowalski Internal project manager, United States

“I came to Hyland after becoming a mom and realizing that I needed a better work/life balance and work that I was passionate about doing. I had worked for companies that claimed to have a great employee culture and put employees first, but I never experienced it until I came to Hyland. About six months into my role as a business analyst, my family experienced a tragic event — we lost my brother in an accident right as Covid was sweeping the nation.

It was during this experience that I learned work colleagues can become friends and family. My team was there for me in a way I never thought colleagues could be. I found comfort and peace from the friendships, and even on the one-year anniversary, my brother and my family were not forgotten. I came to Hyland for the next phase of my career and found friends, a purpose, and my forever career.”

Kristin Santarelli Senior contract administrator, United States

“In 2008, I joined Hyland, and from that very first day, I knew I had finally found my home: a company that valued its employees, a very open upper management, a company that understood the importance of a work/life balance.

I am beyond grateful for Hyland’s medical coverage. I struggled with infertility, and my doctor advised me that my best route for a successful pregnancy would be in-vitro fertilization (IVF), which can cost $10,000 and up per cycle. At that point, I had thought that my dream to become a mother was practically unattainable any time soon. Then, there was an e-mail sent out in late 2008 with a benefits update. As I read the e-mail at my desk, I started crying tears of joy. Hyland was now covering IVF under their medical benefits. Could it be? I could actually, possibly be able to do IVF and become a mother?

Long story short, I was blessed with twins, a boy and a girl, on August 1, 2010. I now have two amazingly brilliant 11-year-olds, and Hyland has been there every step of the way and has truly been able to allow me to create my family, provide for my family, and balance that whole work and life thing amazingly.”

Ed Hinton Hyland quote

Remote employees remain engaged employees

Even before the pandemic forced most employees to work from home, making our remote workforce feel like part of the Hyland family was a priority. Every Hylander has an important role to play and a unique perspective to share.

Stephanie Beck, Cloud support analyst, Technical Support, United States

“I am back to working for a company that cares about me, my health and family. Even though I am a remote worker in Iowa and cannot participate in some of the office functions, remote workers are not left out. All the little things that Hyland does make me feel like I am important to them and included in office events, holidays or seasonal celebrations. Little things like cards or seasonal gifts, remote events that I can do virtually. I truly am thankful that I landed at Hyland, back to a company that cares about me.

We never know where our life or work journey may take us, our road may be bumpy or smooth, we might take a wrong turn or a detour, but in the end, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am happy and proud to say I am a Hylander.”

Anett Donath Sales Academy strategist, Global Sales Enablement, Austria

“Although I’m only with Hyland for four years now, it already feels like ages — in a good way — of belonging to the family. I can remember the first months after the Perceptive acquisition when I was very skeptical if Hyland would be the place for me, but I’m happy that I decided to stay with Hyland. [They had] faith in me to give me the chance of being the first remote worker from Vienna, Austria. During my time with Hyland, I have experienced multiple moments to remember and just want to share a few of them:

  • Having Ed McQuiston EVP and chief commercial officer] at a customer day event in Vienna with a visit to the Opera and a typical Viennese ‘after opera’ experience — having a snack (sausage) and a beer at the Würstlstand
  • Achieving President’s Club in 2018 and being able to have an amazing week in Hawaii
  • Attending CommunityLIVE in 2018 in Nashville and experiencing the vibe of our huge customer and partner event in person
  • The opportunity to visit our headquarters in December 2019 and to start partner enablement for EMEA [Europe, Middle East, Africa]
  • Traveling to Serbia for the first time in my life to deliver a Partner Onboarding Workshop as well as to Johannesburg, South Africa, where we had the biggest Partner Onboarding Workshop so far

My most important lesson learned from the last four years at Hyland is definitely to give everyone a chance — especially when you are an acquired employee. Hyland is not just another American software vendor, but much more. All the people at Hyland make the work here very comfortable and fun. Connecting with colleagues across the globe is welcomed and everyone tries to make the start for a new hire/newly acquired [employee] as relaxing as possible.”

Rajarshi Rony Banerjee Solution consultant, Global Services, India

“In this short journey of two years, I have learned how energetic, adaptable and flexible Hylanders are. Coming from a different and diverse background I was a bit curious on how I will fit in this HylandLife but the amount of warmth I felt starting from my induction program to becoming a member of the employee council was overwhelming. In every true sense Hyland has stood by its core values, be it in day-to-day operations or if I need anything to deal with my personal issues.

When the pandemic hit us hard, Hyland stood by its employees like a true family. During this time of uncertainty, the sessions organized to keep the mental peace helped us a lot to overcome the fear of the unknown and manage stress.”

Sabyasachi Sen Hyland quote

One team that’s all in for each other

We’re all in this together. At Hyland, we don’t have special parking spots for management or executive washrooms. Instead, we have open-door policies and glass office walls. A big part of being a Hylander is sharing in one another’s success and cheering each other on.

Joe Meadows Cloud support analyst, Technical Support, United States

“In 2016 for Customer Appreciation week, Technical Support did ‘Execs with Techs,’ where a Senior VP or C-level executive would sit with a technical support rep for the day to talk with customers and gain insight into our jobs. I had a near panic attack finding out Bill Priemer [Hyland president and CEO] would be sitting with me for a day. However, it couldn’t have been a better experience. I had the opportunity to learn more about Bill’s personal and professional journey and him mine. He was so involved with the customer calls and was even assisting in the troubleshooting process. We laughed and had a great time working on customer issues that day.

To this day, Bill and I have great conversations in passing and still discuss some of the reactions we received when a customer heard ‘Hey this is Bill Priemer, CEO of Hyland Software, and we’re going to make sure your issue gets taken care of today.’ It’s a great memory.”

Sabyasachi Sen Engineer, Conversion Services, India

“Hyland has been an inspiration to me from the beginning. The best thing about Hyland is its culture, its people. We are celebrated here.

There have been several difficult projects in my two years with Hyland. I remember a special incident. The client came up with a last-minute change on a Thursday. I worked Thursday and Friday to accommodate the changes, but the changes were too big to be incorporated in two days. My manager, director and senior members were with me on Friday to help me in every way they could. I had travel planned that weekend, the train was on Friday night. The senior members continued the work and wished me a happy journey with smiling faces. They carried on the task on Saturday as well. This incident clearly shows how Hyland operates and why people love to be here.

Thirty years is a long time, but I want to retire from Hyland at the age of 60 with contentment, with a fulfilling career.”

Holly Moran Document conversion specialist, Imaging Services, United States

“My journey with Hyland actually began almost 10 years ago when I worked as an office cleaner part-time during high school and as I continued my education. For five years, I observed such a unique work environment: decorative desks, slides, extracurricular activities and services of all kinds, and most remarkably such a diverse group of intellectual and hard-working people.

Watching Hyland thrive from afar inspired me to not only thrive in my education, but to hopefully thrive as a Hylander myself someday. Four years ago, my dreams became a reality when I got a job in Imaging Services. I was overwhelmed with such encouragement from familiar faces and new faces alike — I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be, and I’m blessed to say I still feel that way to this day as a document conversion specialist. I’m beyond grateful for every person and experience involved in my journey. I’ll forever cherish where I came from and how I got to where I am today. I’m so excited for what the future holds. Thank you, Hyland!”


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