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I have learned what it feels like to find a company where I could have a career, not just a job.

Sound interesting? Read on.

I am an intern in Hyland’s marketing department, and I have experienced amazing memories, developed my professional skills and had the opportunity to work for an awesome company. I have been able to learn a variety of skills that have helped me grow as a professional such as data cleansing, content creation and the most surprising of all … some coding!

This is my second summer at Hyland, where I have the opportunity to learn and grow with an amazing team. I had the experience of working in the office last year, but this year is different. I have been working remotely, and have adapted to the virtual work life quite easily.

So, let me give you a little bit of my story.

The personal experience

I am currently a senior at the University of Akron studying Marketing Management, Sales Management and Human Resources Management. Since I’m getting so much out of my Hyland internship, I wanted to share some advice and knowledge from my personal experiences.

While working in-office, Hyland provides interns with some really enjoyable experiences such as yoga lessons, lunch and learns, company parties, basketball games and the cherry-on-top, weekly food truck lunches! Also, I was able to have lunches with my mentor throughout the week to discuss projects I was working on.

From working side by side with my mentor, I was able to learn about the importance of the work the demand marketing team performs, and it gave me valuable experience to use for the future. Other than doing the tasks my team assigns me, the company provides interns with such a diverse experience, you want to come back every summer.

Also, when talking about the actual work side of my experience, Hyland allows interns to grow as leaders and be self-motivated to complete their work. For me, the mentor program is probably the best part, because you always have that one person you can go to when you cannot figure something out.

I have worked alongside my mentor and all of my team members on various projects, but I can say that my favorite projects are creating content. I get to see the process of creating things like emails, articles and infographics and learn how to build out the content that fuels campaigns. It makes me feel like my work and contributions matter.

The virtual experience

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But, enough of the in-office experience. I can tell you’re on the edge of your seat wondering if my virtual experience is just as great. To answer your question, it is!

My virtual internship experience is just as wonderful as my in-office experience, but I really do miss taking on the multiple projects that used to pop up because I was sitting next to the analytics and digital marketing teams every day. But this summer has been great, as I get to work with the same team and develop my skills even more as I enter my senior year of college.

Lately, I have been working with the digital marketing team on the quality and quantity of website traffic to help improve visibility. I have been broadening my knowledge of different projects with other departments as well, as I try to figure out what kind of marketing I want to go into after graduation.

But getting back to what people might also be wondering, how is the internship experience since you can’t go to yoga or work on projects with multiple different marketing teams? It is still amazing!

The interns continue to have “lunch and learns” every week, and I meet with other marketing interns (virtually, of course) to just unwind after being stuck in my house all day. Also, Hyland still offers online courses such as yoga, healthy eating habits or meditation to keep things interesting while working at home.

The only difference I see between in-office and virtual internships is that communication is really the key to having a great experience. With in-office, your mentors or team members can walk up to your desk and ask you if you can help out with a project or how a project is going, but with virtual work, you have to stay updated and communicate with your team if you want to take on more – or need less – work.

My advice

I could keep rambling on about my fun and educational times as an intern, but if I could give anyone some advice I would say to be bold, be a leader and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Look for an organization that is extremely friendly, welcoming and more than willing to help out when needed. Take advantage of any learning opportunities, set up meetings with your team just to catch up and ask for a project that might be a little difficult (it’s worth it, trust me).

By always communicating with my team and being involved with the company, it made both my in-office and virtual experiences at Hyland amazing, and I get to tell whoever is reading this how great a place Hyland is to work for!

Alexis Stumpf

Alexis Stumpf

Alexis Stumpf is an intern for Demand Marketing at Hyland.

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