How to create an ongoing service mindset

Last week, I was fortunate enough to participate in Hyland’s annual Summer of Service volunteer event – one day dedicated to giving back to the local communities where we live, work and play. It seems like every year the volunteer day grows bigger and the activities more rewarding, and this year was no different.

In one day, more than 400 Hyland volunteers gave their time working at 16 Cleveland nonprofits and donating more than 1,100 volunteer hours.

Those hours were dedicated to landscaping, beach and community beautification, painting, repurposing toys for children with disabilities and putting together meals for the homeless, to name a few activities.

It’s truly humbling to see the impact one day can make for Cleveland nonprofits in need.

Ongoing commitment: The key to success

More than just one day of service, this event sparks many employees to continue their philanthropic journeys and find causes where they can continue make an impact. Luckily, Hyland has the resources and connections to continue our service year-round, setting up ongoing projects to donate time and funds toward some really cool causes.

For anyone who has a particular cause they’d like to become more involved in, Hyland offers every employee 12 hours of volunteer time off annually to work with the organizations that are most meaningful to them. This is an amazing program and something I take advantage of every year – volunteering as a ‘reading buddy’ through St. Malachi’s after-school program.

The experience has been very rewarding. Every year, I look forward to working with my buddy, helping with homework and fine-tuning his or her reading skills. I feel like this commitment to our community is an offshoot of our commitment to provide outstanding service to our customers. It’s just how we roll.

As we’re kind of over-achievers here at Hyland, we also participate in other service projects throughout the year. Because that’s what the #HylandLife is all about.

Megan Larsen

Megan Larsen

Megan Larsen is a public relations specialist at Hyland, focused on evangelizing the benefits of Hyland’s software suite within the Financial Services, Insurance, Government and Commercial industries. Megan earned a... read more about: Megan Larsen

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