High School Senior Project program gets students pumped about programming

When talking about Hyland Software, those of us who work here like to say: One company, unlimited possibilities. And it’s true. Not just for our customers and employees, but also for our community.

A great example is our High School Senior Project program that takes place every May. In the program, our Developers teach students C# programming. Not only is it a great way to open the door to the world of computer science to enterprising students, it’s also very gratifying to see what ideas they come up with.

“Once we started our projects, I realized I could actually code a game in C Sharp,” said Alayna, a local senior attending the program. “The game needs a few minor tweaks, but I did it all in a couple of days. It’s awesome here.”

The goal of the program is to give students an experience they can take with them if they go on to college in the fall, hopefully getting involved in computer science. Or, if they’re headed directly into the workforce, give them the experience and knowledge that will not only help build their resumes, but set them apart from the pack.

“The program is incredibly efficient and incredibly valuable,” said attendee Trey. “I can take what I learned, apply it, and hopefully get a job or internship quicker. This is a great opportunity.”

Program details

Some high schools require their senior students to complete a certain amount of hours shadowing employees at a local business. Over the years, we have received interest from students wanting to spend that time shadowing our Development department.

So, rather than having the students spend 50 hours passively watching someone else work, we use this opportunity to teach students about programming. Then, we give them time to create their own projects while they’re here.

“Now that I’ve seen a real workplace environment, I know I want to pursue computer science,” said Lisa, another attendee.

We piloted the program in 2015 with seven students from local schools. This year, 11 students from seven different schools participated. All of these students are going away to college in the fall, and nine of them know they will be going into a technology-related major.

Nothing makes us happier than that. If this sounds like an opportunity you’re interested in, check out our website for updates in the coming months.

Caitlin Nowlin

Caitlin Nowlin

Caitlin Nowlin spent three years on Hyland’s Recruiting team as the campus recruiter before transitioning to Development as the technical outreach program manager. Her mission is to give Hyland employees... read more about: Caitlin Nowlin

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