Happy birthday – one year for Hyland WIN | EMEA!

The mission for Hyland’s women in networking (WIN) group is to empower women to excel both professionally and personally. The group strives to identify and promote the strengths of Hyland’s female employees to enhance the overall success of our entire community.

That’s why the HylandWIN EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) committee – Anett Donath, Daria Hernas and I – are so excited to celebrate the group’s first birthday.

One year ago, February 26th 2020, we launched HylandWIN EMEA.

At that time, we had only three members. What a difference a year makes. Because now, I’m proud to say that we have 37 members from the EMEA region!

Overcoming adversity, together

During our first year, we faced a situation that challenged us in different ways. We all did.

So, to keep everyone connected as we found our way while working remotely, we built up a bi-weekly virtual coffee break and a bi-monthly newsletter. Additionally, we started to offer online workshops and online sessions on a regular basis, as well as virtual book club sessions.

It all tied together, relating to a specific topic. The first year, we concentrated on “women and career.”

We took a deep dive to try and answer the question: What is different between a woman and a man in the way they approach their careers?

To find out, we started a campaign called “Tell your story.” We heard from many people, including a senior manager in HR about why she chose Hyland, as well as the U.K. office manager and how she found Hyland’s core values a perfect match. To round it out, we also heard from men.

It was all very enlightening. And it really helped the group stay positive as we all navigated a tricky situation.

This year, Hyland WIN EMEA is focusing on the topic of “Equality.” We already have some great ideas for the next few months. I’ll share what we learn soon.

In the meantime, I leave you with a quote from Malala Yousafzai: “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”

Beatrice Mustelier-Pennewiß

Beatrice Mustelier-Pennewiß

Beatrice Mustelier-Pennewiß is the manager of technical support for Hyland’s Berlin office. She is also proud to be the president of Hyland WIN | EMEA.

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