For the love of customers

At Hyland, there is one thing that will always remain: Our love of customers.

Throughout our history, we have had a simple mission: To help our customers achieve their full potential. To continue to do so, over the past 28 years, we’ve grown and evolved to a leading content services provider with a range of complementary products under one brand: Hyland.

Continued growth and evolution

Our newly refreshed brand reflects our commitment to and the positive impact we make on our customers and their relationships with their own customers – patients, constituents, students, employees and more. The new look and feel represents the breadth of products, services and solutions we provide, and the way our customers utilize them to help achieve amazing results.

Whatever the future brings, our focus will always be to thoughtfully design technology that helps our customers be more agile, empowered and connected.

You might also notice that as of now, The Hyland Blog includes The (former) OnBase Blog. We’re excited about this evolution as it delivers on our brand promise: To make information easier to access, so you can make more-informed decisions and provide better service to the people you serve.

Please join us in celebrating this next chapter of our story as all 3,400 passionate Hylanders world-wide reinforce our shared goal of delivering an exceptional customer and brand experience.

Because it’s all for the love of customers.

Drew Chapin

Drew Chapin

Drew Chapin is Hyland’s chief marketing officer. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Penn State, received his MBA from Vanderbilt University, and served as a... read more about: Drew Chapin

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