Fact or Fiction? 4 things college kids are told about the real world

internsAs a college student nearing graduation, I receive plenty of good-intentioned (and often unsolicited) advice about what to expect in the “real world.”

When starting my summer internship at Hyland, creator of OnBase, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what my professional career would look like, based on some of that advice, along with past work experiences.

However, after three weeks at Hyland, I’ve learned to discern what pieces of advice apply to a career and which ones simply don’t hold true. At least when you’re working at Hyland.

I aim to set the record straight by examining the legitimacy of four common things college kids hear before we enter the workforce. Four things you should consider when you’re ready to start your career.

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Are they true or not?* Let’s see:

No. 1: “Enjoy college while it lasts, because full time jobs will suck away your soul.”

Fiction :- Sure, 40 hours a week in a stagnant environment probably will suck away your soul. But a dynamic, challenging workplace can and will promote growth and development.

Creative thinkers need freedom and room to continually expand their potential. I can honestly say I look forward to work each day. (The free M&Ms in the break room help me on those occasional days when I’m not overly amped.)

No. 2: “Your wardrobe is crucial to your professional life.”

Fact:- But not in the way I originally thought.

I was told my wardrobe would be an important element of my professional life. You must look the part before you can act the part.

Dress professional, be successful right? Mmmmm, I’ve learned there is more to it than that.

It should be “dress like yourself, be yourself.” On a normal work day at Hyland, I will see someone in dress pants with a collared button-up, and the turn around to see someone sporting a Cavs jersey and hat.

Whatever we’re most comfortable in is what we wear. Because it’s not about how good our wardrobe is, it’s about how well we are performing. What a novel concept!

No. 3: “There will come a point where you need to choose between full-time work and full-time parent.”

Fiction: I see parents use break time to pick their child(ren) up from the in-house Child Enrichment Center and take them for a walk around Hyland’s campus. Or I will see co-workers pick their little one up and take them around the office space! Unconventional? Yes. Totally awesome? YES!

No. 4: “Location, location, location! Location should be a deciding factor when choosing a job since your home will be determined by the location of your company!”

Fiction: I work on a team of four full time employees and not one lives in Ohio. We range from Westlake, Ohio, to Georgia, Missouri, Texas – and all the way to the United Kingdom! Our team relies on technology to collaborate, eliminating geography as a barrier.

*The caveat to this, of course, is that these are fact-checked only in a Hyland context. Results may vary based on employer. 🙂

Carri Kapaku started her internship with Hyland in May 2015 and she works on the Global Healthcare Services Consulting team. Her primary role this summer is to lead a time study that can capture the return on investment value of the OnBase product in the healthcare setting (though she also specializes in organizing and dominating games of intern volleyball or basketball shooting knock out). Carri will be finishing up her Industrial Engineering degree at The Ohio State University this fall, and is hoping for another season as “Undisputed Champs!”

Carri Kapaku

Carri Kapaku started her internship with Hyland in May 2015 and she works on the Global Healthcare Services Consulting team. Her primary role this summer is to lead a time... read more about: Carri Kapaku