Does your next employer even care? Here’s how to find out

A friend of mine interned with Hyland last summer, and he relayed the experience to me as “totally amazing.” That (plus the mention of free peanut M&Ms) piqued my interest.

I already had a potential full-time job lined up after graduation, but I was intrigued, so I decided to look into interning at Hyland.

The very first thing I did is look at the company’s core values. Before I submit an application or join anything, I always make it a point to look at the organization’s core values, since they tell a lot about what it believes in and stands for.

Finding the right match

In my opinion, it’s crucial that an individual and their employer have comparable values. It creates a better, more authentic, and more unified experience for everyone—yourself, the employer, and customers. I believe it makes a huge difference.

I learned this lesson the hard way. For a long time, I didn’t have a concrete idea of what my personal values even were. I worked in several environments that just made me feel kind of “off.” I didn’t feel like I was being authentic and over time, became unmotivated and discouraged.

One day, I wrote down what my personal ideal work environment would be like—a workplace that: prioritizes honesty above all, fosters passion, and sells products or services that do great things for customers. This is how I began to identify my personal values.

After I finished, I went to Hyland’s website, took a look at the company’s core values, and felt like they really resonated with me. I found myself thinking, “I’ve got to be a part of this.”

A year later, here I am—a fresh college graduate and a Hyland intern!

I’ve only been at Hyland for two months, but I already feel right at home. The core values are displayed prominently on plaques and walls, and are highly visible throughout all three of Hyland’s buildings at its Westlake, OH, headquarters. And they are more than just words; I see them exemplified by fellow Hylanders every day.

In the brief period I’ve been with Hyland, I’ve gotten more out of my internship than I thought possible. The environment is incredibly supportive and collaborative, and every day I work on meaningful projects and truly contribute to my team. (No coffee runs!) I’ve had many opportunities to network, improve soft skills, and learn from my super-amazing teammates. Everyone I’ve worked with is passionate, honest, and customer-focused.

It makes me truly proud to be a Hyland intern. And the free peanut M&Ms are a nice perk, too!

Amanda Lang

Amanda Lang is a graphic designer on Hyland’s Digital Learning team. She enjoys creating graphics and other resources to help users learn more about Hyland solutions. She also enjoys cats.... read more about: Amanda Lang

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