Danish Hylander achieves career goals on a multinational scale The unique way one Hylander broadened her path

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Workers around the globe are seeking out employers who truly embrace work-life flexibility and encourage employees to be their truest selves. For Kate Kristiansen, a services support specialist in Hyland’s Berlin office, the #HylandLife principle of helping each other achieve maximum personal potential played out across two years and two countries.

Here’s the story of how Kate and Hyland built each other up.

Kate’s story

After working in the airline industry for several years, I wanted to explore a new career path, ideally in a location that would allow me to be closer to my partner in Berlin. I had always been interested in the IT industry, which led me to apply for a job at Hyland. After moving from Denmark to Berlin in 2019, I started my job as a services support specialist, a role that coordinates requests for services and liaises among legal, sales and services for contracts, agreements, blanket services agreements, counter signatures and execution of agreements.

I have enjoyed supporting and helping others in the role, and Hyland provides a work environment with a freedom of responsibility and flexible working hours — both of which are motivating and important to me.

Shortly after accepting my position at Hyland, I was unexpectedly accepted to a master’s degree program in Copenhagen, Denmark, for Social Sciences in Law. After being accepted I had to make a hard decision:

Would I quit Hyland to pursue my education, or stay with Hyland and abandon the idea of furthering my education?

I knew this either/or situation wasn’t what I wanted. I’d built relationships and a solid foundation in the tech world with my work at Hyland, and I was passionate about both opportunities. One of Hyland’s core values is “family,” and it includes the idea that Hylanders help each other achieve maximum personal potential:

Our employees are our family.

We care deeply for one another and help each other achieve maximum personal potential while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We maintain a respectful and inclusive environment and reject discrimination in all forms. We value the diversity of our global community, and the different skills, experiences and perspectives that it brings.

Was it possible that I could do both?

Taking #HylandLife on the road

Happily, my manager was open to letting me keep a foot in both worlds. Together, we developed a pathway forward in which I kept my job at Hyland while traveling back and forth between Copenhagen and Berlin to complete my master’s.

This would be a hard journey, but with the support of Hyland, I felt empowered to make it happen.

For this arrangement, I worked in Berlin and attended classes in Copenhagen. The distance between the two places is roughly 6.5 hours by car each way, so planning out my schedule was challenging. I kept a schedule in a spreadsheet that included working hours, hours to attend class, flight bookings, departure times, arrival times and ticket amounts. Some semesters were part-time and others were full-time, which made for a fluctuating schedule for both myself and Hyland.

In the midst of this chaotic schedule came COVID-19. Some of my classes went completely online, which helped with traveling, but some remained in-person. Because my flights were cancelled, I temporarily stayed in my hometown of Jutland, Denmark, and commuted six hours round-trip by train to Copenhagen Monday through Friday. At times I would stay with my parents in Jutland, but I also rented a room in Copenhagen to help with commuting.

During this part of my journey, there were few times in which I was not working, studying or traveling.

This June, after two years of constant travel and balancing school and work, I received my master’s degree; my thesis focused on the topic of GDPR and case C-311/18 on transfer of personal data from the European Union to the United States.

Maximizing my personal potential

Throughout my journey, Hyland provided a work environment infused with freedom and responsibility that allowed me to thrive. I am thankful Hyland believed in me and empowered me to achieve my “maximum personal potential” through a custom and collaborative work and study solution.

I still work for Hyland, and I love the professional and multicultural community I’m surrounded by daily. I am proud to be a Hylander and to be living the #HylandLife!

Kate Kristiansen

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