Celebrating six months of Hyland WIN | EMEA!

hyland women in networking - europe, middle east, and africa

Picture taken 26/2/20 in Berlin

The mission for Hyland’s women in networking (WIN) group is to empower women to excel both professionally and personally. The group strives to identify, develop, and promote the strengths of Hyland’s female employees to enhance the overall success of our entire community.

Now, that community is spreading worldwide. In addition to our recent launch of WIN in our Asia-Pacific region, we’re celebrating six months of HylandWIN in our Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

It’s important, because at the current pace, it will take 73,654 days to close the technology gender gap worldwide, according to womentech network. So it won’t be until the year 2222 for women and men to achieve equity in the technology industry.

That’s why every single thing we can do to encourage women to get involved in tech is imperative.

Positive steps forward

This is why I’m so proud that six months ago, on 26 February, we launched HylandWIN | EMEA. Since then, we’ve grown from three members to 32!

As you can see in the picture above, we were able to get together in person to celebrate the launch. But since then, we’ve had to be flexible. So we successfully introduced a bi-weekly “virtual coffee break,” where members of the group share innovative ideas. The newly created HylandWIN | EMEA committee is motivated to take all applicable ideas and turn them into reality.

One of those ideas is the initiative we’re calling Tell your story. Our intention is to inspire women inside and outside of Hyland and show them that they can be successful and achieve their goals – especially when it comes to working in technology.

Our first story was from Wendy Kirton, the office manager for Hyland’s U.K. office. Wendy described how a focus on multiculturalism and a desire to help people achieve personal success is what led her to Hyland.

As part of the program, we also deliver a bi-monthly newsletter, offer virtual book club sessions (we had our first one in May), and virtual opportunities to hear from guest speakers (the first one took place in July). It’s all about encouraging and inspiring our HylandWIN | EMEA members.

As you can see, together we have already achieved a lot in just six months. And we’re more than excited to know that we will achieve even more over the next six months. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Beatrice Mustelier-Pennewiß

Beatrice Mustelier-Pennewiß

Beatrice Mustelier-Pennewiß is the manager of technical support for Hyland’s Berlin office. She is also proud to be the president of Hyland WIN | EMEA.

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