Bringing #HylandLife to Ohio University

After an amazing summer interning at Hyland, I jumped at the opportunity to become a campus ambassador at Ohio University during my senior year. I was excited to support Hyland’s campus recruiting efforts by raising awareness among my fellow students.

Turning the Table

When I started back at school in the fall, I hit the ground running by speaking to several classrooms and working tabletop events across campus. For once, I was on the other side of the recruiting table. Instead of reaching out to recruiters who helped connect me with a company, I was reaching out to students to inform them about Hyland and connect them to the company.

Being on the other side of the process gave me a new perspective on campus recruiting. I learned not to be so nervous when approaching recruiters, because they’re just people like me.

A Growth Opportunity

Being a liaison between Ohio University and Hyland has allowed me to branch out and to become more comfortable when talking to others. I’ve grown as a person by connecting with my fellow Hyland ambassadors. We’ve worked together closely to coordinate events and support one another as we bring Hyland’s culture to the Athens community.

Being a campus ambassador has given me a sense of comfort when talking to fellow students, because I’m able to approach them with confidence and tell them all about Hyland. I find it easy to talk about Hyland. I want people to be as excited about the company as I am, because of its amazing work environment and welcoming employees.

Making the Connection

The moment I felt most successful is when, after I spoke to a class about Hyland, a group of students approached me with interest about a job opportunity. I was thrilled that they were excited about the chance to work at Hyland. As a campus ambassador, my goal is for people to walk away with a sense of what Hyland is all about, or even apply to a job. Participating in Hyland’s campus recruiting program has given me a sense of importance and purpose throughout the school year. I’m honored to be building relationships between Ohio University and Hyland.

Samantha Day will join Hyland full time as a Sales Support Representative after graduation in May 2018.

Samantha Day

Samantha Day

Samantha is a senior at Ohio University studying Marketing and Sales. She enjoy staying active and making time to hang out with family and friends. She is passionate about sales,... read more about: Samantha Day