I’ve celebrated Christmas my whole life. I embrace all of its traditions and I am a HUGE Christmas nerd. There are five trees in my house.

Five. Yes – I’m that guy.

However, I also understand that many do not celebrate Christmas. Some celebrate Hanukkah. Some celebrate Kwanzaa. Some celebrate multiple of these, some celebrate in other ways and of course, some celebrate none.

Throughout this month, I will likely use references to Christmas, Christmas movies and Christmas traditions, as it is what I have the most experience with. But rest assured, in a year where embracing diversity, equity and inclusion has finally gotten the enhanced level of focus it so rightly deserves – both in our business and in our lives – I will be doing my best to weave in traditions across all holidays.

Even Iceland’s giant Yule Cat. … Maybe.

Find success

One of my many nerdy annual Christmas traditions is to watch The Polar Express. The imagery is amazing and the storyline is heartwarming. Plus, the train engineer with the beard reminds me of my neighbor in South Carolina – but I digress. As with most Christmas movies, there are multiple ‘lessons’ learned by the characters throughout. But one of the main characters, a young boy, has unfortunately embraced a cynical view of Christmas and its magic.

Recently, I’ve spoken about 2020 as a marathon. One that has left many emotionally and mentally spent – in both their personal and professional lives. I’ve spoken to some who’ve said they are channeling the cynicism that a year like this can create into the holiday season with all of their might. Much like me, they are decorating their houses to the hilt.

Many others have said they just can’t get into it this year. Which is fine.

Whether the holiday season, or the business end-of-year, The Polar Express or a marathon, the journey offers tremendous lessons. The lesson that I’ve embraced this year and this season above all others is, BELIEVE.

“If you can FOCUS and push through those last six (miles),” a Hylander and marathon runner recently told me, “you find success on the other side of the finish line.”

In other words, BELIEVE.


Over the last few months, I’ve also been talking a lot about mindset. It matters in any year, but this one in particular.

Whether running a marathon, or journeying through 2020, fighting through the inevitable difficulties of closing out deals, projects, campaigns, budgets OR just simply embracing the spirit of the holiday season; I reflect on the final lesson of The Polar Express where the once-cynical boy has completed his journey and has his train ticket punched by the conductor who says, “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

So, whether you’re a Hyland employee, a partner or a valued customer, I want you all to know that Hyland believes in you. It’s been a challenging year, so I want you to know that we’re here. Whether you need help optimizing processes, guidance with your content services strategy or just need to reach out, we’re here.

And we’re not going anywhere.

Over the course of this difficult year, we’ve been fortunate enough to add Another Monday and its robotic process automation expertise to our roster. We also had the incredible opportunity to add Alfresco and its Gartner Magic Quadrant Leadership to the Hyland family, positioning us, our partners and our customers with incredible opportunities for the future.

We’re all heading to the next level, together.

If this journey through 2020 has taught me anything, it is to …  believe. Though I’m still a little skeptical about the elusive Yule Cat.

Ed McQuiston is Hyland's executive vice president & chief commercial officer, a position he’s held since 2017. Having served as vice president of global sales since 2012, his current role includes responsibility for Marketing and Global Services which aligns the three functions in support of Hyland’s continued global expansion. Ed’s tenure at Hyland and extensive knowledge of its product suite helps support and expand Hyland’s strategic initiatives.
Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston is Hyland’s executive vice president & chief commercial officer, a position he’s held since 2017. Having served as vice president of global sales since 2012, his current role... read more about: Ed McQuiston