Announcing Hyland’s new Women in Networking APAC chapter

“Love what you do.”

“You only live once, so you owe it to yourself to be happy.”

“Find meaning in what you do.”

I read these inspiring words in the book Live Lead Learn: My Stories of Life and Leadership, by Gail Kelly.

Kelly herself is inspiring, as she was the former CEO of one of Australia’s “big four” banks. As her bio details, in her time as CEO, she made sweeping changes at the bank, increasing gender diversity, raising the number of women in management roles to 50 percent, and improving the social consciousness of an institution that, at its core, serves people.

No wonder Forbes lists her as the eighth most powerful woman in the world.

I wish I had read her wise words when I was younger, but it’s something that mature me now embraces and strives to live by. So when I was asked to consider leading the HylandWIN (women in networking) Asia-Pacific (APAC) chapter, I was excited about the opportunity to add further happiness and meaning to what I do at Hyland.

For the WIN

We launched the new Hyland WIN APAC chapter at our recent regional kickoff meeting held in Manly, located about 16 kilometers from Sydney, Australia. Many people travelled in, which made our launch night the perfect time to network, share the program plans, and have some fun getting to know one another.

Geographically and culturally, the Asia-Pacific region is diverse and wide-spread. Equally so is the Hyland APAC team, as it is spread across Australia, Singapore, and Japan.

I was excited that our own Susan DeCathelineau, senior vice president of Global Healthcare Sales and Services – and a big promoter of women in tech – was in Sydney for the team gathering. Susan shared her thoughts on the value of HylandWIN, and endorsed the establishment of the APAC chapter.

“HylandWIN is an employee resource group (ERG) that provides the opportunity for IT professionals, both men and women, to network and learn from each other and our guest speakers. As we continue to grow as a global company, I’m excited that we had the opportunity to launch the HylandWIN APAC chapter at our recent regional kickoff event. I’m also excited to announce that we’ll be launching a Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) chapter this week.”

Our first guest speaker, author Vanessa Hall, then talked to members about building self-trust and determination for success.

Find meaning in what you do

I was pleased to share why HylandWIN is important to me with everyone in attendance. Women in IT are under-represented. That needs to change.

In fact, we need both men and women to support the diverse strengths that our female colleagues share, and empower those women to excel professionally and personally. Diversity is necessary to be a successful global organisational goal.

It is awesome that Hyland supports this mission, and the HylandWIN APAC chapter is looking forward to raising consciousness across our region.

Now back to some more inspiring words from Gail Kelly, which have been good sources of wisdom that I would love to share.

“Be the controller of your own destiny – don’t wait for someone to make the decision for you.”

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. As we begin this new chapter, I’m looking forward to seeing what the destiny of the HylandWIN APAC chapter will bring.

Christine Lugg is Hyland’s Healthcare Industry Manager for the Asia-Pacific region.
Christine Lugg

Christine Lugg

Christine Lugg is Hyland’s Healthcare Industry Manager for the Asia-Pacific region.

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