All in: 5 common traits Hyland shares with the Cavs


All in.

Those words mean so much to Cleveland sports fans this time of year. You find this slogan on t-shirts, signs and banners hanging in the streets of downtown Cleveland. It’s a time when our city comes together – and not just for our Cleveland Cavaliers.

While our city awaits the fate of this exciting NBA series, I noticed there are a lot of common traits between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Hyland, creator of OnBase.

Here are the top five:

  1. Passion

LeBron James and the team is committed to bringing a ring home to the City of Cleveland. You can see that passion in every player and coach.

Likewise, every team member at Hyland is passionately committed to delivering the best quality of software and services to our customers. We are committed to passion and innovation. So much so, that passion is the number one characteristic we look for in candidates who are looking to join Hyland.

This passion drives our individuals to go above and beyond. We are committed to making our customers happier and changing the world for the better with our product. It’s what we do. 

  1. Resilience

Last year, the Cavs strived to bring home a championship to Cleveland. While they fell short, they promised us one thing: they would come back stronger and better. Thus, here we are a year later, giving the warriors a run for their money for that title.

Similar to the Cavs, Hyland is dedicated to delivering the best enterprise content management (ECM) solution – and being the best organization – in the industry. Year after year, we have won multiple awards for our software, organization and management. And our resilience enables us to remain a recognized leader no matter how good the competition is.

I could say something about a flagrant foul right now, but I would never do that.

  1. Leadership

“Defense. Stay together. We’ve been in this situation before,” LeBron James has said.

It takes certain characteristics to lead a team to the NBA Finals, but James has always had the right combination of them: Knowledge, strength and experience.

Like LeBron James leads the Cleveland Cavaliers, Hyland’s executive team has always led our organization to the top. From open-door policies that allow employees to come to them with any questions to regular Monday Morning Meetings, employees have access to that leadership and can learn what’s going on around the organization.

And when the pressure is on, there is always someone you can count on. Like our CEO, Bill Premier, who was recently nominated to the Northeast Ohio’s 2016 Smart 50 Awards list.

  1. Teamwork

LeBron, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and all the Cavs create opportunities through working together. That’s how they win. And why they’re going to win.

The same goes for Hyland. Everyone plays a vital role in making it a great place to work. And we take pride in that, just like we take pride in our software solution suite.

Together, we collaborate and excel in creating the best ECM product in the marketplace. And we do that by treating each other as a family and our customers as partners. 

  1. Greatness

We’re extremely proud that the Cleveland Cavaliers use OnBase to capture, manage, process and store data. The organization also uses it as its data managing tool. That’s pretty cool.

Here at Hyland, OnBase helps improve efficiency, decrease costs and maintain and secure information for our needs. With instant access to information from wherever we happen to be located and automated processes that keep work moving, all from a single, enterprise information management platform, our team is agile and ready to win.

While Hyland watches the rest of the Finals, there is one thing for sure. Whether you are a Cavs fan or a Hylander, we will be “all in” to make this organization and this town the best that Northeast, Ohio has to offer.

If you have the traits in common with Hyland and the Cavs, check out our career opportunities. Don’t live in the Cleveland area, but are still interested in Hyland? Check out the positions at our other offices as well.

Are you all in?

Courtney Byham
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