A day in the life of a Hyland Healthcare Installation Team Lead


Our blog series, A day in the life, explores what it’s like to work at Hyland, in one of a hundred different disciplines. Today we chat with Chris Windham, team lead of Installations on the Business Development team, who recently celebrated his fourth anniversary at Hyland. He says he’s one of those Hylanders who’s always talking about how much he loves it here and has even recruited friends to join the team.

We asked him to give us the inside scoop on why he loves his job and what it’s like to install OnBase at healthcare organizations.

OnBase Blog (OB): What do you enjoy most about your work?

Chris Windham (CW): The most fulfilling part of the job is getting to work with many different customers and seeing how they do things differently. The most exciting thing is seeing a customer really take ownership.

We have great customers with teams that really want to own OnBase and be the driving force within their organizations. Those are the best projects. I get to see that our solution isn’t just a software system that helps them with boring day-to-day things – it’s actually making a difference in patient care.

When I see a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, I know that they’re using OnBase to pull up all the documents and medical history necessary. I’m probably relatively annoying when I go into my doctor visits, because I always ask what EMR they’re on, if they use our solution and how they view their documents. The work we do becomes very true-to-life after getting the big picture on the implementation side.

Working in healthcare services, I’ve gotten to travel all over the world. I went back-and-forth to Australia for a year – and that was just a completely different experience. They work a little differently, use the product a little differently, so it was a neat thing to see another side of how hospitals run.

OB: Are there any projects that you’re particularly proud of?

CW: On one of my first projects, the customer had a really strong system administrator who received recognition within the organization because of how well the implementation went. The project manager and the system admin certainly gave us some kudos for making it easy for them to demonstrate that skill set. But it was probably more fulfilling that we got to see them as a project team and our customer be really successful.

We have a mantra in our department – customer delight and having happy customers is really the end goal. It’s not just that our implementations are successful. We might have a very successful implementation where the customer doesn’t really feel like it owns the product.

Our main goal is to empower our customers to be owners, not just participators in the solution. Those are the best – when you have a customer that really takes ownership and gets good feedback from peers in their own organization.

OB: How would you describe working in installations?

CW: It’s certainly not boring, routine work in any way. I think in order to be successful in this group, you need to be flexible, adaptive and take things as they come.

We as a department have gotten so big, with people all over the country and all over the world. We recently had a Summit here in Westlake, Ohio. We’ve got a team in Andover, Massachusetts, and some folks that are working remotely from their home offices, and to have everybody here was really cool – to see the extent that the department has grown.

In the last seven years, we’ve grown more than 700 percent. Adding new faces and new expertise and new viewpoints into the group has been really good for us. We talked about some exciting new challenges and things that we’re going to be able to implement coming up. There’s no shortage of new things to learn.

With the support system that we’ve built internally – and this is common at Hyland in general – there are always folks that are willing to help out and step in when you run into something you’ve never seen before or you need help. I’ve never been in a situation where I feel like I’m on an island. It’s definitely a whole team that helps support every project. We work with some really smart, really capable people.

Sound like a career you’re interested in? To learn more, check out our current openings in healthcare: Business Consultant, Project Manager and Technical Consultant.

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