6 things Hyland summer interns are thankful for


Note from the editor: Unfortunately, the clock is running out on summer. Labor Day is gone. College students are back in school. And I hear football has begun again.

So it’s time for us to publish our final “summer intern” blog post. I have to say, our interns are impressive. Some of them are very savvy with social media, others are extremely knowledgeable about the IT world, and they all spent their summers actually working on important projects. They definitely were not running errands.

So here we go. Our final summer intern blog post for 2015. Enjoy!


This summer, 96 college students had the opportunity to work at Hyland, creator of OnBase. It was a chance for us to learn, network, and socialize in a professional setting – something you don’t get to do very often on campus.

After talking to many interns, I came up with a list of six things that give you a good idea of what we learned this summer. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. It’s not easy being the new guy or gal in any setting. Now add the fact that Hyland is a billion dollar business and for some of us, this was our first dabble in the professional software industry. And, some of us clearly look 17 years old.

So thank you for the smooth transitions and open doors – whether they were physical ones to managers’ offices or symbolic lines of communication.

2. Thank you for not asking us to fetch coffee. Thank you for giving us meaningful projects that contribute to the company. We get enough busy work at school, so we appreciate this change of pace and the value that we can add, even as interns.

3. Thanks for the invitations to Cedar Point Day, golf outings, and after-work happy hours. Feeling included in a company of this size is no small feat, yet you have made this feel like a home-away-from-home.

4. Thanks for taking time out of your day to help us learn. We realize that you have plenty of work to get done. So it means that much more to us when you block your calendar to let us shadow you and ask tons of questions, or simply show us where the medicine cabinet is.

5. Thanks for not thinking less of us because of our age. Thanks for valuing our thoughts and opinions, and for seeing our differences as an advantage and not a hindrance. We may not always get your pop culture references from the early 90s, but thanks for not holding it against us.

6. Most of all, thank you for setting us up for success and for being gracious when we made mistakes. Each of us will take away something meaningful from our time at Hyland.

See you next summer!

Carri Kapaku

Carri Kapaku started her internship with Hyland in May 2015 and she works on the Global Healthcare Services Consulting team. Her primary role this summer is to lead a time... read more about: Carri Kapaku