5 ways your organization can make every day Veterans Day

Two years ago, Courtney Byham (Hyland’s Recruiting Program Manager) and I starting putting our heads together on how we can provide programs at Hyland to better support veterans. Organizations can, and should, build work environments that honor and value the benefits veterans offer, including leadership, problem solving and deep commitment to their teams and organizations.

From collaborating with NEOVETS to going out and spreading awareness about Hyland positions within veteran communities and college campuses, we’ve been able to build a strong presence at Hyland. For other employers who are ready to launch or grow a veteran’s program, we wanted to share what we’ve learned along the way.

5 ways to empower veterans

1. Develop an employee resource group

In January 2016, we established a veteran’s employee resource group (VERG) at Hyland. We started with 20 members and quickly grew to 80. The purpose of the VERG is to build a community for all military and military supporters at Hyland. Our group provides resources to help promote and support military individuals within Hyland and around the globe.

Hyland’s VERG is comprised of software developers, account managers and other departmental employees across Hyland. The group meets monthly to welcome new Hylanders, talk about important topics such as VA benefits during open enrollment and come together to support veterans in the community.

We’ve also established monthly meetings where we’ve been able to hear from speakers like: Mark Cappone, who is the Assistance Director of the Ohio Department of Veteran Services; Jon Reiss, Executive Director of Cuyahoga County Veterans Services Commission; and many others who discussed what new programs the government is implementing to help veterans and military families.

2. Partner with recruiting

As Hyland is hiring around 400 positions annually, we’ve partnered with our recruiting team to attend hiring events, job fairs specifically focusing on hiring veterans. This gives us a chance to spread awareness of Hyland and our positions among the veteran community.

Through this program, we’ve been able to connect with many veterans sharing personal stories on how they’ve transitioned from the military to civilian life, and allows us to show how we can help them do the same.

3. Host meet & greets

In collaboration with Human Resources, Hyland hosts Veteran Meet & Greets. These events are open to military individuals who are interested in learning more about Hyland.

During the meet & greets, you will have the opportunity to network with Hyland veterans, hear their stories and learn of current Hyland openings. The last portion of the day consists of networking with Hyland veterans who match candidates’ branches or MOS occupations. This has helped candidates relate to how their MOS titles could transition into Hyland roles.

4. Engage in community outreach

Hyland has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. Each year, Hyland hosts a Summer of Service day.

This past summer, our veterans joined other Hylanders to help out at Camp Cheerful – an organization that helps children with disabilities develop abilities, confidence and friendships.

5. Offer veteran mentorship programs

In July 2017, Hyland began offering a veteran mentorship program. This program is a way for new veteran employees to receive guidance from a member of VERG in their specific department. Since launching this program, we have onboarded employees in several departments.

As we reflect on this Veterans Day, thank you to all men and women and their families who have sacrificed so much. Moving into 2018, I hope your organization starts to think of ways to better support and build a veteran community within your organization.

If you are veteran looking for a new position, check out our open positions or reach out to me directly at Joe.Kocsis at hyland.com.

After spending 12 years active duty in the Marine Corps, Joe joined Hyland the day after Veterans Day, 2012. Joe initially spent five years in Technical Support rising to the position of Team Leader and is currently a developer in R&D. Joe is an active member of the VFW and IAVA.
Joe Kocsis

Joe Kocsis

After spending 12 years active duty in the Marine Corps, Joe joined Hyland the day after Veterans Day, 2012. Joe initially spent five years in Technical Support rising to the... read more about: Joe Kocsis