How to build a great place to work: 5 steps you can take today


Building a great work culture where employees are happy, engaged and feel valued is a challenge for many organizations. Luckily, from the day we founded our company to today, we’ve taken an employee-first approach to our culture. We focus on treating our colleagues like family, empowering their personal and professional development while building flexibility into their schedules to foster work-life balance.

And guess what? It works!

Although there’s no magical equation or science to make a great culture and be included on lists like Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For®,” here are a few strategies that have worked for us.

Hyland strategies for building a great place to work

1. Provide career growth and development opportunities

We strive to provide our employees with first-class career development. We offer multiple classes, both onsite and online, that employees can take advantage of to enhance their career growth.

Presentation coming up? Not a problem! We have the resources in place to prepare you for all types of situations — including classes on how to become an effective public speaker or Zoom-ready communicator.

For employees on the leadership tract, Hyland’s award-winning management training and development program helps leader — both new and old — manage to their maximum potential.

2. Community involvement opportunities

We’ve found that community engagement is a top priority among our employees. We help support their efforts toward the causes they’re passionate about by offering 12 hours of annual volunteer time off, matching gifts and employee-inspired grants.

We also coordinate multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the year to encourage our employees to stay active in local and national causes. This helps build support from our community where our employees live, work and play.

3. Wellness initiatives

Wellness is a crucial part of Hyland’s foundation, so we encourage our employees to make it a part of their everyday lives. Our headquarters in Westlake, Ohio, has two fitness centers, daily exercise classes (such as spinning and boot camp) and wellness contests to help our employees feel great.

4. Fun corporate events

“Work hard, play hard” has been our motto from the beginning. We want our employees to invest in their work and be able to have fun after work to wind down from their days.

In addition to strengthening employee relationships with programs and initiatives, our Employee Engagement team focuses on providing fun, unique opportunities for all employees at Hyland. We also encourage team building by offering to help plan smaller events like attending sports games, dinners or cooking classes where team members can interact outside the office. This motivates and excites our employees to not only look forward to these events, but to spend time with their managers, coworkers and partners to help form a connection.

These team-building events also strengthen our core value of: “Treat your coworkers like family.”

5. Team environments & core values

At Hyland, our core values are more than just words on a wall. We adhere to them daily.

From an open office setting that encourages collaboration to financial and life planning experts on staff, our employees know they are part of a family. In addition, the entire company attends a weekly Monday Morning Meeting to reflect on our yearly goals, share updates on projects and reward an outstanding player of the week.

These are just a few of the ways we’ve built a culture where employees enjoy coming to work every day. If you’re trying to build a great place to work or are revamping your corporate culture, give them a try.

Good luck!

Lindsay Latessa works in the Human Resources department at Hyland as an HR manager, leading the Talent Acquisition and HR Business Partner teams. With 10 years’ experience in the technology industry, Lindsay is proud to support Hyland's talent management initiatives at a FORTUNE’S Best Places to Work company.

Lindsay Latessa

Lindsay Latessa works in the Human Resources department at Hyland as an HR manager, leading the Talent Acquisition and HR Business Partner teams. With 10 years’ experience in the technology... read more about: Lindsay Latessa