4 tips to balancing a full-time job with wellness

With only so many hours in a day, how do you balance a full-time job with wellness? You prioritize wellness and don’t compromise.

Maybe you even rethink the phrase work-life balance and view it as life-work balance.

I recently celebrated my five-year Hyland anniversary and I’ve come to appreciate the emphasis the organization places on the entire wellness spectrum – encompassing nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, community, financial, and environmental well-being. As women, working in the fast-paced environment of software technology, there’s no time to coast, take it easy, or settle. Each day brings with it new challenges that we must be ready to face head on.

I need to be at my best for work, which means wellness takes a front-row seat.

The 4 pillars of balance

Below are four ways I accomplish balance between my career and wellness:

1. Morning workouts

Rain or shine, the first item on my daily “To-Do” list is exercise. This usually means an early rise of 5 a.m., but the benefits are completely worth it. I take this time to focus on myself, my well-being, and make sure I’m at my best for my family and career.

Whatever your exercise of choice may be, take the time, when the rest of the world is still quiet, for you.

2. Eat clean (most of the time)

To fight off illnesses, I take a multivitamin daily. When I have a day of back-to-back meetings, I make sure to bring healthy snacks with me, so I’m not tempted to grab something less healthy in haste to fill my food craving.

More often than not, the sugary sweets available leave me tired, which is not the type of energy level I want to have for my colleagues.

3. Find your fire

There are a number of ways to get involved in the community. You may have a passion for making our parks a cleaner place for our youth, or mentoring a college student in their journey to become a first generation college student.

Whatever your motivation may be, share it with others. The world will be a better place because of it.

4. Early to bed – how are you sleeping?

Probably not a question people ask you that often. But it’s important to be aware of, because having your optimal sleep hours will keep you sharp throughout the workday. To be as productive as you can for your team members and the company, don’t compromise on sleep.

It’s a short list, but a powerful one. And I promise, if you build a foundation using these four pillars, your life and your work will remain in balance. In that order.

Tealla Gehlbach

Tealla Gehlbach

Tealla Gehlbach joined Hyland in 2012 and currently serves as team lead, Strategic Project Management. In her role, she leads a team that is responsible for managing strategic projects from... read more about: Tealla Gehlbach

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