4 reasons I’m proud to be a Hylander


I’m lucky. I love my job and I work for an awesome company. If you need proof that Hyland is awesome, check out one of the multiple awards or recognition the company has received in recent years.

Still not convinced?

Check us out on social media at #HylandLife, or just keep reading to see the four reasons that I’m proud to be a Hylander.

I was inspired to write this by the responses some of my colleagues gave to Hyland’s annual Employee Appreciation Day (EAD), which occurred May 20 – 22, 2015. While enjoying EAD at Cedar Point or just taking an extra day off to do what you enjoy may be good reasons for some people to love this company, I have others, and they start with living out our Core Values.

1. Employees are Family

At Hyland, core values are not just sayings or words displayed on walls. They mean something to everyone and we demonstrate them daily. Employees are family means that my company cares about and supports its employees and their families and that my colleagues are just as supportive during a multitude of life events.

Hyland truly supports a work-life balance. Because of that, I have never had to miss a family event, schedule appointments around a complicated work schedule, and I’ve never felt obligated to prioritize work over family.

Hyland also offers many perks that support families, including an onsite Child Care Center, a Wellness Clinic, and even Peer Parent Groups. Fun, family-friendly events such as the company picnic, movie nights, and the kids’ holiday party in December are other ways that Hyland extends its appreciation to my family.

Working for a company that is family-centric is important to me and it’s the number one reason I’m proud to be a Hylander.

2. A better… (fill in the blank)

A better me. A better you. A better company. A better product. A better community. Everything at Hyland promotes an atmosphere and environment of improvement.

Want to become a better you? I have daily opportunities to become a better me. Hyland offers employees ways to improve personally with onsite gyms, an excellent wellness program, and even nutrition information in our onsite diners. Hyland also offers ways to improve professionally by providing training and advancement opportunities. I have found a multitude of ways to become a better version of me during my time here.

To become a better company, Hyland encourages honest feedback from employees and acts on it, creating an environment where employees know people are listening to them. There’s also an Innovation Program that encourages employees to develop and share ideas to continue moving the company forward.

I find it rewarding to work for a company that strives to improve.

Our flagship product, OnBase, is continually undergoing growth to become a better product. With constant development, we take great strides to keep pace with the constantly evolving technology landscape. That’s why we have a leading ECM product.

It gives me a sense of pride to know that I work for a company that continually strives to be the best in the market.

If Hyland only wanted to be better within its own walls, it wouldn’t be as amazing. Thankfully, it is proactive at building a better community and not just in the greater Cleveland area. As a Hylander, I have a number of opportunities to get involved in the community. Corporate programs and partnerships such as Summer of Service, United Way, Red Cross Blood Drives, and things like our Community Engagement Program allow me to engage in the community through events on campus or during work hours.

Volunteer Time Off allows me to take my passion and give back to charitable organizations that mean something special to me including Boy Scouts of America, Ronald McDonald House, etc. It is humbling to work for a company who gives back and encourages its employees to actively engage in building a better community.

3. I’m an adult

This may seem like an odd reason to love where I work, but it is extremely important to me. Too many other organizations approach management as a way to “babysit” their employees or remove employees’ abilities to think and make decisions.

Not at Hyland. I am empowered to make decisions and complete assignments without checking in regularly or having someone hold my hand. I am allowed to make mistakes/fail – or as we say at Hyland, “defer success” – as long as I am learning from the experience and progressing. I am respected by my management team and it does not micromanage me.

I am allowed to think, to act, and to grow. Such simple courtesies make me love my job and make me proud to say I’m a Hylander.

4. Challenging work in a collaborative environment

I need to be challenged to thrive personally and professionally. It is easy to become disinterested in tasks that are mundane and simple.

Thankfully, I am challenged in my daily tasks and have the ability to learn from my colleagues and on my own. I have the opportunity to work closely with my colleagues to share knowledge. Even better, management is open to learning and sharing knowledge as well. Sometimes, the best days here just involve a conversation with another Hylander who departs a piece of knowledge that is valuable to me.

I have learned a great deal by being challenged in my daily work. I have learned how to be more effective in communications, how to be brave, how to work with people who approach things differently than I do, how to delegate, how to lead, and how to follow. Thanks to Hyland providing challenging work in a collaborative environment, I have grown significantly as a professional in the past couple of years.

As you can see, being a Hylander is fantastic. The benefits far exceed the events, the pay and benefits packages, and, yes, even trips to Cedar Point. Being a Hylander is a way to approach work and life. It is really all comes back to being a better version of yourself and feeling as though you are part of a family. I am proud to say I’m a Hylander.

Are you proud to be associated with the company you work for?


Rachelle Below is a Standards & Compliance research analyst at Hyland, Creator of OnBase. She joined the company in 2013 as a Quality Assurance Associate. She uses her knowledge of software testing, information security, and solution design to analyze software standards and regulations. Prior to joining Hyland, she attained her Associate of Science degree in Computer Networking from ITT Technical Institute and worked as a software support specialist. Follow her on Twitter @RachelleRay.
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Rachelle Below

Rachelle Below is a Standards & Compliance research analyst at Hyland, Creator of OnBase. She joined the company in 2013 as a Quality Assurance Associate. She uses her knowledge of... read more about: Rachelle Below