3 reasons why you should spend your summer interning in Cleveland


As interns new to the Cleveland area, we’ve had the unique opportunity this summer to participate in the (i)Cleveland program. This phenomenal program helps Cleveland interns from different corporations explore new neighborhoods, meet other young professionals, interact with community leaders, and, overall, get an understanding of what Cleveland has to offer young, emerging professionals.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Leek-Nelson, CEO of Providence House, a non-profit crisis nursery, during a lunch where groups of interns chatted with local community leaders.

Here are three of our key takeaways from this enriching experience as newbies in the Cuyahoga community:

1. Cleveland is interesting. What did you discover?

Bruna: I loved Ohio City. I really enjoyed touring it and getting an insider’s view of its history and landmarks. My favorite spot was the West Side Market, Cleveland’s oldest publicly owned market, dating back to 1840. I love the fresh goods and products and the exposure to different cultures.

Taylor: The existence of The City Club – a public forum where citizens and thought leaders discuss their perspectives on society and share ideas to help shape the community, the country and the world into a better place.

Meeting and conversing with the CEO of The City Club, Dan Moulthrop, during our executive interview, was enlightening. I learned about The City Club’s powerful history, where many influential leaders – including presidents and prominent community leaders – have shared ideas that have induced change and promoted positive progression.

2. Cleveland cares about education. What did you learn?

Bruna: Meeting Natalie Leek-Nelson was certainly memorable. She’s a great example of someone who passionately works hard and is dedicated to a cause. Mrs. Leek-Nelson’s work with Providence House is inspiring and I believe that giving back to the community, like she has, is an important part of anyone’s life. Meeting her has motivated me to do more volunteering myself and I look forward to participating in Providence House and Hyland’s many service opportunities.

Taylor: In addition to learning about the wonderful work and generous commitment both Mrs. Leek-Nelson and Providence House have made for the community, she also gave us phenomenal advice for up-and-coming young professionals.

She recommended getting involved with local Young Professional (YP) programs that connect you with community leaders, provide opportunities to become involved in the community and effectively broaden your network. There are plenty of YP programs throughout Cleveland, the Providence House PHriends program being one them!

3. Cleveland is awesome. Would you stay and why?

Bruna: For sure! It’s not often you get a small town feeling in a big city. The people here are so nice and helpful. I love Cleveland, there’s so much to do and see. Whether it’s cheering on the Cleveland sports teams, going to big entertainment events or trying new international restaurants, you never get bored! I’m excited to be living in Cleveland now and hope to call it home for years to come.

Taylor: Yes! Cleveland is a city that’s progressing rapidly and showing no signs of slowing down. The city warmly welcomes young professionals and is striving to provide all the resources and support for us to live our dreams, meet our potential and contribute to something bigger.

Cleveland also offers a lower cost of living for new graduates and a plethora of outstanding local companies to work for, like Hyland, one of Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for. Cleveland houses a few of those companies. I’ve immensely enjoyed my internships with Hyland and I’m grateful they gave me the opportunity to enjoy (i)Cleveland as well.

We hope you might have learned something new about Cleveland and gained useful information, especially if you are an emerging young professional like us. We encourage you to explore Cleveland for yourself and find out why it may be the place for you.

We’d also like to give a special thanks to Hyland and the Cleveland Leadership Center for the chance to partake in such a valuable experience.

Thank you and thanks for reading!

Bruna Vanhazebrouck is a long term intern in the Higher Education Sales team for Latin America. She is from Brazil, but has been living in Cleveland for the past 18 months. She graduated last December from a Dual Degree Program between Baldwin Wallace University & FAE Business School with a Major in Business Administration and Marketing and a Minor in Human Resources.

Taylor Joffrion was the Product Marketing intern at Hyland for the summer of 2015. He is a senior at Case Western Reserve University, studying marketing at the Weatherhead School of Management. Taylor originates from Stamford, CT and will graduate in May of 2016.
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Bruna Vanhazebrouck is a long term intern in the Higher Education Sales team for Latin America. She is from Brazil, but has been living in Cleveland for the past 18... read more about: Bruna Vanhazebrouck & Taylor Joffrion