3 reasons why college life will make you miss #HylandLife

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Two months into my summer internship, I’m already feeling fall semester creep up on the horizon. The next few weeks will be marked by staring contests with textbook price stickers and a mountain of campus club “before-you-come-back” emails.

Don’t get me wrong, I love college. Being surrounded by other young adults leaping toward their careers, having a flexible schedule full of spontaneous little adventures, and expanding my knowledge in topics I’m deeply passionate about. What’s not to love?

My issue now is this: How do I transition from the working world and a stellar company like Hyland to being back at school?

While I’m excited for my last year of undergraduate education, that excitement is shadowed by an eagerness to finally get out into the field and really kick off my career.

And I’ve got three solid reasons why I can blame Hyland for that eagerness.

I’d like to share those reasons with my fellow collegiate interns (along with anyone else I’ve roped into reading this article):

No. 1: Hyland makes it much easier to balance work and life than it is to balance life and class

It’s 6 a.m. You’ve been up all night. You’re frantically working on one of three big projects, all due at noon. But once those are turned in, you have no assignments for an entire week.

We all know this beast: The Terribly Disproportionate College Schedule.

It’s no fault of procrastination or poor judgment. College schedules are certainly flexible, but far from stable (or predictable).

Hyland seems to have mastered the art of allowing employees those ideal “flexible-and-stable” schedules.

Want to work four long days this week instead of five regular ones so you can take that weekend trip with your buddies? No problem.

Morning dentist appointment, but don’t want to skip the entire day? Just work it out with your manager and stay later.

On top of that, all the resources and services you need for everyday life are right there at Hyland.

Just down the corner from your desk, you can get a haircut, go to the gym, drop clothes off for tailoring/dry cleaning, or even leave your keys at the front desk for a car wash.

Going back to college and walking 20 minutes across campus to ship a package is going to seem awfully inconvenient by comparison!

No. 2: Just like you develop skills and enhance your knowledge at school, Hyland prioritizes your individual growth and development (except at Hyland, you get paid!)

I’m happy to say I’ve learned a lot in the past few years. I’m much less happy to say how much it has cost me to do so.

It’s a shame that education is so expensive, because I do truly love to learn. I was surprised how much time my fellow Hyland employees spent simply learning – and without a big tuition bill.

Hyland offers hundreds of courses (many of which are instructor-led) to help its employees expand their skills and improve their work performance.

I’ve even heard long-term employees say they’ve still got a training or an information session to go. It is a very liberating feeling to be able to absorb new material in an environment full of people who already know so much—and to be compensated to contribute.

Plus, you can’t ignore the added benefits like on-site music lessons or enrolling in a fitness class right here at Hyland. Here, you really can grow in more than just your degree area.

No. 3: At Hyland, you work just as hard as you do in school – but without the stress

It’s no surprise Hyland boasts a spot on the Forbes 100 Best Places to Work. How many workplaces let you slip away to play some pinball in the company game room, or take a breath of fresh air and stroll over the on-campus nature path? Not to mention the volleyball and racquetball courts. Nothing takes the edge off a long day sitting at your desk like getting up and active.

But oh, the woes of college life. Back to that 6 a.m. crunch with three project deadlines, not having had the time to cook a proper meal or hang out with your friends. It’s doable, you survive, but after you’ve turned all those projects in, you feel like you’ve got to sleep straight through the weekend. Perhaps teach yourself how to eat again, too.

I really value hard work and take a lot of pride in what I do. I always put the most into my coursework and intend to do the same in my job after college.

I am also not a robot.

I’m glad to see that Hyland shares the philosophy that to maintain a high level of productivity, you’ve got to give yourself a moment to breathe.

And as a bonus:

No. 4: Free coffee!

I’m not a huge coffee drinker. I usually pass when my friends go on their ritualistic Starbucks run. Though, having it so close in the morning is certainly a perk (there is a pun in there somewhere) that I don’t overlook.

But, rest assured, I will enjoy my final year at college. I’ve got a terrific course schedule lined up (bring it on, Artificial Intelligence!) and am beyond excited for further adventures with my friends at school.

I am appreciative of my experiences at Hyland this summer. My fellow interns, I hope you are too.

Grace Piscura is a rising senior at Case Western Reserve University working toward a degree in Computer Science. When she’s not developing for the Unity Forms team, Grace may be found out enjoying the walking path or painting the OnBase rock.
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Grace Piscura is a rising senior at Case Western Reserve University working toward a degree in Computer Science. When she’s not developing for the Unity Forms team, Grace may be... read more about: Grace Piscura