Live from Gartner Symposium: Join the Tech Revolution

Eric Schmidt, Google

Eric Schmidt, Google

The tech industry is ripe for innovation. And according to Eric Schmidt, executive chairman for Google, your business should take advantage of it.

During his keynote address Monday evening at Gartner Symposium, Schmidt emphasized the need for organizations to not only embrace technology, but the latest innovations in the field as well.

According to Schmidt, one of the first innovations your organization should embrace is mobility.

“Having been a member of enterprise software for decades, [companies are now being] driven by tablets. It’s the tablet revolution – the majority of enterprise computing is taking place on mobile devices,” he said.

The benefits of mobility are endless. Not only do you enable your workforce to work the way they want to – who do you know that doesn’t have a cell phone? – you also speed up processes, allowing employees to continue to work no matter their location.

But ensuring mobile access is only part of the solution. Schmidt also advises organizations to make the transition to the cloud.

“Dismantle what you have and put the enterprise on a new architecture,” he said. “Cloud is a different [IT infrastructure] model. Vendors add on features all of the time – the prices are lower, it’s scalable, has better security and a better architecture. Whenever you have the choice, you want to move to a cloud-based solution.”

Not only does a cloud-based solution provide these advantages, it also frees up your IT resources, eliminating the need for them to deploy, manage, maintain, monitor and upgrade your solution.

Despite these IT trends, Schmidt acknowledged that no matter what, embracing technology is fundamental for organizations to stay competitive.

“There’s a lot of evidence that almost every business can be made more efficient by applying software – to be more efficient and make services better,” he explained.  “My view is essentially any industry that doesn’t have software imbedded in it will be lagging.”

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

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