How a secure environment might help you save $15 mil

These days, everyone is talking about the customer experience. So the big question is this: what is the customer experience like when someone hacks his or her information?

Hint: not good.

Why you need to care about security

Not only does a hack affect your customers’ experiences, it affects your organization as well.

“Cybercrime costs the average U.S. firm $15 million a year,” according to CNNtech.

Clearly, you need to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Staying ahead is why we do things like hosting an annual Security Week event. The goal is to help the R&D Application Security team spread security awareness and share useful tips employees can use to stay ahead and stay safe in a digital world.

Last year’s theme was “What is possible.”

We took people into the underground world of cybercriminals and hackers to show them exactly what these nefarious people are capable of and how easy some of their most effective tools are to use. The weeklong event featured booths where experienced members of our security team gave other employees hacker superpowers by guiding them through each step these attackers take when compromising the most valuable of targets.

Once they tried their hands at cracking passwords and snooping on wifi traffic, they could visit one of our many security sessions to learn how to defend themselves. They could also see how we apply these principles to our enterprise information platform and product suite here at Hyland.

Stay current to stay ahead

Staying ahead means keeping the important systems your organization depends on every day current. That’s why we provide our customers with an annual release. Our updates empower our customers to keep their systems compatible with the latest and greatest changes the world has to offer. It also helps keep those systems secure from ongoing threats.

“There are few topics that our customers care more about than security. That’s why we recently introduced mandatory security-related release criteria for the first time,” said Brenda Kirk, senior vice president of corporate strategy and product at Hyland.

We take security seriously. With more than 15,000 lifetime customers, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that ensure their information is protected throughout its lifecycle. We do this by utilizing methods including, but not limited to:

  • Security at every data state: at rest, in use, in transit
  • Secure by default (wherever we can, the most secure option is the one that is turned on by default)
  • Granular rights management through the use of role-based OnBase user groups
  • Security taken into consideration at every phase of the development lifecycle

These days, everyone from CIOs to LOB managers are taking security seriously. Unless they have an extra $15 million lying around.

Josh Gatka

Josh Gatka

Josh Gatka has worked in Hyland’s Quality Assurance department for four years. In 2016, he assumed the role of Hyland’s Security Evangelist. His mission is to train and educate industry... read more about: Josh Gatka

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