Choosing an ECM Solution: Directions Now Included

Choosing an ECM Solution-Directions Now IncludedIf your perception of enterprise content management (ECM) is that it is complicated, a little bewildering and probably difficult to implement, you’re not alone. Hundreds of companies could benefit from ECM, but don’t, because their vision of ECM is exactly the same as yours.

You know whose fault that is? Ours – along with every other vendor in the ECM market. We make it complicated. Paper floods, version controls, application functionality, document lifecycles – we talk in industry jargon and marketing speak, and what the Trekkers call “technobabble.”

All that chaotic communication causes confusion, and gives you the perception that ECM is hard.

Well guess what. That perception is wrong. ECM isn’t hard – when you have all the right information. And we want to prove it.

First step? Our new ECM Solutions Guide. Easy to read and simple to navigate, our Guide walks you through the basics, from the different types of ECM through the benefits of implementing a carefully considered, strategic solution.

We talk about what you’re thinking about: how do I manage all this paper, and how do I keep track of critical documents. How do I wrap my arms around doing it strategically. Then, we break it down so you learn what you need to know to get started and, more importantly, why you need ECM in the first place.

Why did we create the Guide? You know, give a company an ECM solution and you solve its immediate problem. Teach a company how to use its ECM solution and you solve problems it never knew it had.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Heck, email me at [email protected] and let me know directly.

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant is the content marketing manager for Hyland Healthcare. He joined Hyland in 2010 as its first brand journalist after far too many years in daily news and trade... read more about: Tom Tennant

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