Why Hyland was named a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q2 2021 “Hyland belongs on the shortlist of enterprises looking for a flexible cloud content platform,” according to the Forrester report.

I love information. I thrive on it. So, over the past year, I’ve become a Zoom Jedi.

Without booking a single airline ticket, I’ve met with tech executives, end users and everyone in between. There are too many to list them all, but I bet I’ve talked to people from at least 40 countries.

It’s only about 25,000 miles around the equator, so I guarantee I virtually circled the world more than once. Sure, if I’d been in the Millennium Falcon, it only would have taken 12 parsecs, but imagine the jetlag!

Regardless of the method of travel, I’ve always found talking to our customers inspiring. It’s also informative. I get to hear about industry trends and shifts up close and personal, rather than reading about them.

Throughout all those great discussions, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a fundamental shift in how our customers are taking advantage of the cloud, utilizing low-code development and modernizing legacy technologies.

The one thing they all had in common? They’re all leveraging content platforms as part of those initiatives.

That’s why I’m thrilled about the direction Hyland is heading. And I’m not alone.

I’m proud to announce that Hyland has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q2 2021.

Accelerating business in the cloud

In our vendor profile, Forrester cites that, “Hyland accelerates its cloud and innovation strategy via acquisitions and vertical focus.”

Our status as a leader on the Forrester Wave is important because I believe it validates our long-term strategy, including the acquisition of Alfresco and more recently, Nuxeo. We believe these strong additions build on Hyland’s world-class leadership in the content services platform market. With Alfresco and Nuxeo, our cloud offerings grow more robust, our low-code tools become more powerful and our team of experts grows even larger.

From a customer point of view, I am honored to call out Hyland’s 5-out-of-5 score in the Wave report’s product vision criterion. It is through our innovation and continued investment in a robust cloud-first roadmap that we will continue to lead new market opportunities. We strongly believe that Hyland is in the most optimal position possible to provide the broadest portfolio of best-of-breed content services to our customers and prospects well into the future.

And the Alfresco Digital Business Platform, which Forrester notes we position as “a go-to cloud-native content platform,” is a huge part of that.

Hyland and Alfresco’s technology, focus and regional presence complement each other so well, it’s a force multiplier for our customers and partners.

– Justin Torkelson, associate vice president of mergers and acquisitions at Hyland

Simply put, the cloud is the future of business. Not only does it free your IT department from maintaining legacy technology to focus on innovation, it also increases your security and offers easy upgrades that you don’t have to manage. And with more people working off-site than ever before, the cloud easily supports your workforce remotely, in the office and (maybe) even in a galaxy far, far away.

That’s why this report is so important to us. And you. Now that we’ve welcomed talented employees and Alfresco offerings into the Hyland family, we’ve taken our commitment to the cloud and open source to another level. Leadership level.

“Hyland belongs on the shortlist of enterprises looking for a flexible cloud content platform with rich collaborative, transactional and governance capabilities with an application toolkit to fast-track app delivery,” wrote Forrester in the report.

Accelerating success with low code

woman working remotely

As I mentioned earlier, we recently acquired Nuxeo, a content services platform and digital asset management provider. This is yet another move that furthers our commitment to cloud-native platforms and open-source communities. Which, as I mentioned, is what our customers want. The Forrester evaluation of Nuxeo took place before our acquisition of the organization, but again, we believe it confirmed our strategy.

So, I’m excited to also share the news that Nuxeo has been named a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q2 2021.

In its vendor profile of Nuxeo, Forrester cites that Nuxeo’s “… strengths are its large-scale migration capabilities and tools, search, and its support for designers and developers with its Nuxeo Studio no/low-code platform.”

Now, our solution-creation options feature development on an open platform, low-code toolkits and repeatable, specialized industry and departmental solutions that meet any organization’s business and IT requirements.

This gives anyone in your organization — from IT pros to line-of-business users — the ability to create applications to improve business processes. With low code, as soon as someone identifies a process bottleneck, they can fix it.

Accelerating your digital transformation

We believe Forrester’s recognition reflects our efforts to help organizations around the world drive their digital transformations. We look forward to continuing to help even more organizations from all industries around the globe transform with a modern, innovative and cloud-first approach.

It’s no longer about managing information or legacy infrastructure. Today, we need to put all the information constantly pouring in to immediate use to help our customers — whether they’re patients, students, insureds, members or constituents. They expect excellent service right now. If you can’t deliver it, they’ll jump in their landspeeders and float away.

Both our customers and partners have excellent opportunities in front of them from Hyland now and in the future, as it relates to our product strategy. Our platform will continue to grow in breadth and depth to meet future demand, while offering near-term opportunities for existing and potential customers with solutions that will grow with them.

Hyland was a recognized leader in the content services industry before we acquired Alfresco and Nuxeo, but they’re hugely important to helping us deliver more innovative cloud solutions and more open-source tools. Kind of like when the Ewoks joined the Rebels to fight the Empire.

To learn more about the Forrester Wave for Content Platforms, Hyland’s placement on the wave, and what that can mean for your organization, click here.

Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston is Hyland’s executive vice president & chief commercial officer, a position he’s held since 2017. Having served as vice president of global sales since 2012, his current role... read more about: Ed McQuiston

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