Why Hyland is a leader in Forrester’s Wave for ECM Content Platforms, Q3 2019

I have a really cool job. As Hyland’s Chief Commercial Officer, my most important responsibility is spending time meeting with executives from our customers all over the globe. Hyland’s customers are diverse in type, with industry leaders in healthcare, financial services, insurance, higher ed, government, manufacturing, retail and more.

Meeting with these customers is inspiring. More than that, it is informative. I get to see industry trends and shifts up close and personal, rather than reading about them on the internet.

From New York to L.A. Australia to Germany. Colombia to Japan. I’ve had the opportunity to witness a fundamental shift in how customers are investing in technology, what their strategic priorities are and the impact that consumerism is having on companies big and small all across the world.

Experience matters

I started my career at Hyland in 2001. Over the years, we have focused on helping our customers improve their efficiency and effectiveness by automating their business processes and facilitating the surfacing of information where they want and when they want it.

In doing so, we helped them remove costs from their businesses and improved turnaround times on critical processes. Those abilities were what drove customers to look to Hyland for solutions.

Fast forward to 2019, and those same priorities remain. But the strategic driver, the ‘why’ behind those priorities, looks completely different. Experience. Experience could be the single most important word in 2019.

Customer experience. Constituent experience. Patient experience. Student experience. Member experience.

These words are on the tips of tongues of executives the world over, including this executive. All of us face the reality that a customer expects answers faster than ever before.

They expect to interact with us without ever being face-to-face. They expect us to ‘meet them where they are’; on their phones, their tablets. And they want to do it via apps, our websites, our portals.

And they have choices. If a company cannot provide that to their customers, someone else can and will. This focus on experience is driving the digital transformation trend the world over.

Strategic leadership

It is for all of these reasons and more that Hyland’s value proposition as a “leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Content Platforms, Q3 2019 report is strategic for companies looking to improve and enhance their customer experience. Whether implemented in the cloud or on-premises, Hyland offers its customers the opportunity to add value and improve the ease of doing business with their customers.

The definition of ‘user’ in the ECM – and more recently deemed content services – world has evolved dramatically over the years, expanding from those within the four walls of the organization, to remote offices, to home-based employees, to contractors and vendor partners, to now being our customer’s customers themselves.

Patients wanting to access chart information. Government constituents with public records requests. Insureds taking part in a claims workflow process. Students filling out online forms to drive admission and financial aid processes.

What is critical for organizations of all types looking to improve the experience of all of those constituencies is the broad range of functionality and formats an ECM content services platform supports.

Customers don’t differentiate content by type. Uploading or accessing content means supporting not just traditional documents, but video, audio, digital photos, Office documents, PDFs, electronic forms and a myriad of other types of content.

Moreover, any or all of those must be able to participate in processes, whether serial in nature, or more frequently, those requiring case management functionality to support non-linear process types.

While the people that I meet with at organizations of all types and sizes are in agreement that these capabilities are critical in supporting and improving their customer interactions, few if any are interested in doing so across multiple information silos, or a patchwork of stitched-together apps to accomplish these tasks.

The right platform to launch your digital transformation journey

As organizations look to consolidate their application stacks in IT and trend toward hosted solutions, Hyland’s content services platform offers a unique value proposition in supporting their digital transformation journeys toward improving customer experiences. One vendor. One platform. Hyland is changing how our customers ingest, process, automate and deliver information.

But, none of that can occur in a vacuum. Purpose-built integrations with line of business applications, ERPs, CRMs, HRMSs and more position Hyland’s content services platform as a hub for interactions across an organization’s enterprise with seamless interactions through the applications a customer’s end users live and work in every day.

I’ve never been great at analogies, unfortunately. But our customer, Geoff Yeats at Farmers Mutual Group in New Zealand is, and he summed it up best:

We are truly excited and honored to be a leader in The Forrester Wave™: ECM Content Platforms, Q3 2019 report.

We look forward to continuing to extend, enhance and improve experiences for both our customers and the people they serve.

Ed McQuiston is Hyland's executive vice president & chief commercial officer, a position he’s held since 2017. Having served as vice president of global sales since 2012, his current role includes responsibility for Marketing and Global Services which aligns the three functions in support of Hyland’s continued global expansion. Ed’s tenure at Hyland and extensive knowledge of its product suite helps support and expand Hyland’s strategic initiatives.
Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston is Hyland’s executive vice president & chief commercial officer, a position he’s held since 2017. Having served as vice president of global sales since 2012, his current role... read more about: Ed McQuiston