Q1 releases: What’s new at Hyland so far in 2021?

As we’ve all learned during the past year, the only constant is change. But, change can be a good thing – especially when it means becoming a better, stronger, more agile organization.

As we finish the first quarter of 2021, we want to share with you all the ways Hyland’s continuous update strategy prepares our customers for whatever comes next.

With the latest releases across our content services platform, Hyland continues to build on our commitment to innovation and robust cloud offerings, empower organizations with intelligent automation capabilities, and provide customers with new ways to expand their solutions – both within their existing platforms and by adding new capabilities from across the portfolio.

So, what’s new? Let’s find out.

Perceptive Content

Perceptive Content Foundation EP3 provides more opportunities to extend the reach of Perceptive Content within the organization, with updates to the platform as well as Perceptive Experience Content Apps.

New features within Content Apps focus on enhancing user productivity by including additional capture capabilities and streamlined indexing functionality. At the platform level, EP3 focuses on authentication and security improvements that provide additional support for SSO and multi-factor authentication within the desktop client.

Alfresco Content Services

Alfresco Content Services 7.0 offers improved scalability for repositories with billions of documents, as well as improved search performance, an enhanced developer experience, and security and governance enhancements to reduce business risk and strengthen compliance with auto-detection and tagging for personally identifiable information (PII).

This release simplifies customizations, deployments, and upgrades, and offers the security and scalability organizations need for compliant management of growing business information.


Brainware Foundation EP2 enhances our robust intelligent capture offering. This release supports versions 3.0 and 3.1 of the Read API from Microsoft Azure Computer Vision, which feature enhanced ICR recognition of handwritten text.  Multi-national and non-English speaking organizations can also take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud OCR engine to extract machine-print text in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

It also enables 2D barcode recognition for a more efficient and customizable means of capturing data. Compared to traditional OCR, 2D barcodes return more accurate results with consistently structured data. The ability to read 2D barcodes also supports recent e-Invoice standards – such as those in India, China, and Switzerland – which require QR codes on invoices.

Brainware for Invoices 3.4 adds machine learning capabilities to header-level data extraction through an integration with Hyland’s Automated Learning Engine (ALE). The ALE helps continuously improve data extraction rates over time.

The latest release also provides additional integration options for SAP users, and is compatible with Oracle Database 19c.

Content Composer

Content Composer Foundation EP3 strengthens our customer communications management (CCM) offering, improving the user experience with updated icons and screens, optional dark-mode theme, streamlined “copy document” functionality, and additional language support. This latest release also provides security enhancements including digital certificates and an embedded encryption key.

Finally, improved compatibility with Microsoft 2019 further supports organizations’ modernization investments.

Priority Work Management

Hyland’s Priority Work Management solution delivers effective workflow design to financial services and insurance organizations faced with time-sensitive or complex tasks. Organizations like wealth management firms or lenders are met with an unpredictable volume of documents and data. To keep up with rising customer expectations, they must process transactions and inquiries efficiently.

Priority Work Management uses logic to route workflow tasks to the right employees based on the types of transactions, the skill level of employees, and their availability. For organizations, this means less rework and exceptions, streamlined processes, and a better customer experience.

Cloud-first commitment

accessing data through phone

At Hyland, innovation means improving and simplifying the way we all work. Our modern cloud-powered platform helps organizations tackle current challenges with best-of-breed content services capabilities.

The cloud may be your organization’s best bet for preparing for inevitable change. It offers all the flexibility, support, and security, without the heavy lift of on-premises content services. It also makes upgrades easier and more seamless, equipping your organization to derive immediate value from new and enhanced features and capabilities.

That’s why Hyland is making it our priority to advance as a cloud-first content services provider, helping our customers modernize and enhance their solutions, with an emphasis on maximizing value and agility.

Continuous innovation

At Hyland, we look for every opportunity to innovate. It means we’ll be ready to help our customers adapt to every change that comes their way, becoming better, stronger, and more agile.

Change is knocking on the door. Are you ready?

Amanda Ulery

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