#OnBaseSummit14: 3 examples of the value of peer-to-peer networking

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Rugby is a great sport and a perfect example of how teamwork moves you forward.

For those unfamiliar with the game of rugby, it matches 15 players against each other, battling to outscore each other over 80 minutes.

You could be forgiven for thinking it is a barbaric sport with little or no tactics, but you would be wrong. In reality, it is one of the most team-orientated and tactically complex games around. Whether you are a 125 kg member of the front row or an 85kg tricky winger, everyone has their place and value. Each player uses his respective talent to work together with others for the greater good of the team.

Working together, communicating and progressing as a team unit. These are the fundamental elements the OnBase Summit can bring to you and your organisation.

That brings us to the value of peer-to-peer networking and why you should attend the OnBase Summit at Twickenham Stadium, the home of English rugby: Not only do you get help and support, but you get great ideas from other people. By simply being around them, you elevate your game. Because you don’t have to actually be on the same team to participate in teamwork.

Surrounding yourself with talented experts who are external to your organisation is a great way to gain different viewpoints that you’ll never have, because they come from the outside. There’s great value in talking to colleagues who might be able to see something you can’t, simply because they aren’t bogged down in the details. You might even meet someone who went through the exact same business challenges you’re tackling and can add valuable insight.

“If you work in isolation, you repeat the mistakes others have made,” says Bethan Ruddock, content development officer at Mimas, University of Manchester. Networking is an opportunity to provide and receive mutual support and advice, she says.

Not only that, but it helps you keep up with trends and developments. Like mobility. If your organisation is having issues with accessibility when employees are out of the office, there are so many networking opportunities at the OnBase Summit, you’ll easily find someone who is using mobility to keep people connected and work moving when they’re out of the office.

Or maybe you’d like to see how other organisations are using enterprise content management (ECM) to integrate with the technology they already own, as well as systems they plan on purchasing in the future. In an age when we’re depending on technology more and more, those systems need to be able to communicate.

So if you like to keep score, here’s how networking at the OnBase Summit can help you and your organisation:

  1. Get great new ideas from fresh sources
  2. Keep up with current trends
  3. Find out how others are integrating systems

By networking with experts in the ECM field, at the end of the day, you sleep well. You know you’re on the cutting-edge, providing your organisation and its employees instant access to real-time information that’s secure and auditable. Not only do you help with regulation compliance, you empower excellent service levels.

Are you ready to become a better team player for your organisation?


Graham Lewis

As Hyland’s Regional Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Graham is responsible for educating organisations about how to optimize processes to save time, decrease expenses and proactively... read more about: Graham Lewis

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