Introducing the Hyland Labs Innovation Showdown!

As Hyland continues to build an increased market presence and global footprint, it has become clear we need to keep innovation in the forefront of our efforts. The recent introduction of Hyland Labs, an innovation center of excellence, plans to do just that with its first Innovation Showdown.

This innovation challenge invites all Hyland employees from around the world to participate in a corporate-wide event, sharing technical innovations and research. Employees from different departments, backgrounds, and geographic locations will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas in an effort to gain support and visibility from the greater global organization. Small teams will collaborate to present their best ideas to senior leadership in a number of categories, or present their most recent research.

As Hylanders, we understand that the technological landscape continues to shift as more disruptive technologies enter the industry. We are all continuously researching and learning about technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things, and more.

This event gives our employees the opportunity to share what they have learned about these exciting developments with the rest of the company. Future innovation events may include opportunities for participation from a broader audience including partners, customers, and even the public.

Drinking our own champagne

As we learn and grow, we adopt these new technologies into the solutions we already provide to our customers. And the ones we use here at Hyland.

As one might imagine, this is happening throughout our products every day. During our annual conference, CommunityLIVE, our customers had the chance to see some of our latest product and solution innovations. The Innovation Showdown seemed like a perfect extension of this, helping us all stay in the loop.

Whether it is a new enhancement to robotic process automation or how we can leverage containers to improve software orchestration, we are asking all Hylanders to share ideas that could have an impact for our customers today.

Innovation is a beginning, not an end

Innovation does not end with applying what we learn to our current offerings, that is only the beginning. We are exploring all of this in order to create the next generation of products that could disrupt our market.

As a recognized ““Leader” in content services, we owe it to our customers and partners to envision and invest in the future. As engineers, we understand the emerging technologies and as business leaders, we know how to apply them for the greatest benefit. With our employees being our greatest resource, we know it is only a matter of time before we discover these disruptive innovations and use them to help your organization work smarter, faster, and better.

The Hyland Labs Innovation Showdown is only one of the opportunities our employees have to show off their biggest ideas. Innovation has always been in Hyland’s DNA, and as we continue to grow, our innovations must grow with us. We must ensure we grasp every opportunity to help our customers and partners continue toward digital transformation.

Innovation happens everywhere, all the time. The trick is to innovate purposely, not just to see if you can do it. After all, our solutions need to help you find the information you need, when you need it, or we’re simply not going to pursue them.

The introduction of Hyland Labs and the Innovation Showdown helps us focus our innovative energy into the products and solutions our customers have come to know and love – to make them even better.

Scott Caesar is an experienced director of Research and Development, having served Hyland for the past 12 years. His passion for innovation and his talent for enterprise software, solution architecture, and software development have established him as one of the many thought leaders in the organization. He is a strong research professional with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. His latest contributions include helping establish Hyland’s content services vision, the launch and continued development of ShareBase, and exploring new technologies through Hyland Labs to ensure Hyland has continued success as a market leader in Content Services.
Scott Caesar

Scott Caesar

Scott Caesar is an experienced director of Research and Development, having served Hyland for the past 12 years. His passion for innovation and his talent for enterprise software, solution architecture,... read more about: Scott Caesar