5 stand-out articles in 5 minutes: Industry favorites from May 2022

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Love enterprise tech but low on browsing time?

Here are five interesting pieces from around the world, distilled and delivered for your busy schedule.

1. Transforming the tech workforce

What you need to know: Organizational resilience is table stakes these days, and Tim Hood, Hyland’s VP of EMEA and APAC, details for Enterprise Talk how many businesses are turning to hyperautomation to build that resilience and, in some cases, overcome the ongoing hiring crisis.

The 60-second download: Organizations often have islands of legacy tech that perform discrete tasks in specific departments in isolation from other functions. While each of these systems is powerful, if you were to build bridges between them and harness their collective power, you would create a business-wide technology infrastructure that would be much greater than the sum of its parts.

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2. Connecting CX and EX

What you need to know: As Ed McQuiston said at Hyland’s South Africa Summit, the next phase of digital transformation will be driven by content services that are “connected, cognitive, governed and secure.” IT-Online covers what McQuiston, EVP and chief commercial officer at Hyland, had to say about transformation technology and how it impacts customer and employee experiences.

The 60-second download: Customer expectations are at the center of changing priorities, and digital services are at the center of these expectations. “Do we leave those expectations at home? Or do we take them to work?” McQuiston asked. “You take them to work: you want the same experience you get at home at work.”

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3. Digital records done right

What you need to know: Hyland AVP for APAC Eugene Chng wrote for CFO Tech Asia, “Modern organisations create and rely upon an enormous volume of content, and digital records make up a significant proportion of that content. Managing information lifecycles is no longer something that can be done manually.” He details the ways content services and enterprise records management are the keys to secure, complete records lifecycle management.

The 60-second download: Enterprise records management is simultaneously a matter of convenience and easy retrieval and, increasingly, also a matter of international retention laws and data sovereignty. Without a content services platform, managing content and records across a variety of systems is fraught with risk and reduces business efficiency.

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Managing information lifecycles is no longer something that can be done manually.

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4. Expertise on demand

What you need to know: Looking for a faster, more effective route to your digital transformation? Managed services may be the answer. “A managed services model provides access to the tools, talent and insights that can help companies achieve digital targets,” Hyland’s Monique Williams, South Africa sales manager, writes for IT Web.

The 60-second download: We’re seeing a massive shift in how organizations operate and what services are most needed. Work patterns have been altered forever, and business leaders are under pressure to accelerate digital transformation plans. Pivoting to a managed services model can be more effective than tasking in-house teams to manage it or trying to acquire and hire specialized technology workers in an increasingly competitive market.

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5. Innovation in insurance

What you need to know: Jeff Hiegert, Hyland’s insurance industry strategy and product manager, writes for Property Casualty 360 about how insurance companies that want to remain competitive during uncertain times will need to embrace change head-on. He details four themes they should consider on their path to innovation.

The 60-second download: Insurance professionals are prioritizing digitalization and digital transformation to combat uncertainty and risk, with more insurers taking advanced steps in their transformation journeys.

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