5 stand-out articles in 5 minutes: Industry favorites from March 2022

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1. Automation: friend or foe?

What you need to know: With the promise of productivity gains comes some natural anxiety surrounding the widespread adoption of automation in the workplace. Monique Williams, the South Africa regional sales manager for Hyland, wants to assuage your fears that the robots are taking over. In this Enterprise Solutions article, she details how the wave of automation will drive the need for new skills and create opportunities around the world.

The 60-second download: Organizations ignoring the shift to using intelligent automation tools in business operations, customer relations and employee engagement do so at their own peril. She notes a clear correlation between the adoption of robotic process automation (RPA), in particular, and higher profitability.

“RPA is tied to the success and profitability of businesses today and is a digital transformation enabler,” she said. “It provides the means by which employees have the time to focus on mission-critical initiatives, yielding greater job satisfaction — which in turn one can reasonably extrapolate, leads to staff retention.”

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2. But what about hyperautomation?

What you need to know: Tim Hood, Hyland’s VP for EMEA and APAC, has high hopes for the future of hyperautomation. He spoke to Intelligent CIO about how it’s creating value and resiliency in the workplace, and shares advice on how to get started.

The 60-second download: Defined simply, hyperautomation is a combination of tools and technologies, which, when applied together, allows end-to-end workflow automation. Hood sees the potential to create a happier, more productive workforce that spends less time on mundane tasks.

“Hyperautomation can facilitate robotisation of processes, create efficient organisations of the future, help optimise systems through the power of real-time data assimilation, analysis and simulations using Machine Learning (ML) and engineer better employee experiences. Simply put; hyperautomation can elevate the workplace from monotonous, to purposeful and engaging.”

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3. Banking, finance and customer experience

What you need to know: Eugene Chng, AVP for APAC at Hyland, writes for Global Banking & Finance Review about how financial institutions can ensure back-office functionality keeps pace with the digital experience customers demand.

The 60-second download: While the banking and finance industries struggle to continue providing high-quality services, the added challenge of evolving the way those services are delivered creates more pressure for a reliable, modern, flexible solution.

“It is no good simply putting new front-end options in place if the customer is let down by slow service delivery, unreliable support and error-riddled processes,” he said. “A modern, advanced content services platform offers many ways to streamline and automate backend processes, while providing a more transparent view of files, documents and data. Making these business fundamentals more accessible will increase reliability and the speed of processes, and therefore go a long way towards securing customer trust.”

Chng goes into further detail about the tools needed to transform crucial customer experiences.

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Racially diverse co-workers applaud a presenter in a conference room, showing their support for the person's work. The photo indicates support for Hyland's diversity, equity and inclusion work to enhance DEI in tech.

4. Doing the work in DEI

“If we’re not innovating, we’re going to be obsolete.”

$Lisa Jackman, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Hyland$

What you need to know: Being a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) often means recognizing when you can do better. Hyland is stepping up its efforts to develop and execute new offerings and engagement efforts to bridge the gap in the tech industry. Crain’s Cleveland Business details the industry — and Hyland’s — efforts to improve and increase DEI offerings, even in a dispersed workforce.

The 60-second download: Lisa Jackman, director of corporate social responsibility, points to the significance of high global membership in Hyland’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that create communities for employees surrounding topics of pride, disability, multiculturalism, gender equity and more. She recognizes the importance of cultivating different skill sets through a company-wide commitment to belonging.

“When you’re valuing different ideas, perspectives and experiences, that’s what can unlock creativity, which in tech is particularly essential,” said Jackman. “If we’re not innovating, we’re going to be obsolete.”

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5. Hyland’s need for speed

What you need to know: What drove Hyland to partner with Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN and, most recently, ascending F1 driver Valtteri Bottas? Joe Scalzo, who covers sports business for Crain’s Cleveland Business, lays out five reasons why the partnerships made sense, including brand awareness and audience engagement.

The 60-second download: Bottas is Hyland’s latest addition to its expanding roster of professional sports partnerships, following a sponsorship agreement with Bottos’ new team Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, launching in the upcoming 2022 season, and partnership with PGA TOUR star Xander Schauffele.

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