5 stand-out articles in 5 minutes: Industry favorites from April 2022

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Love enterprise tech but low on browsing time?

Here are five interesting pieces from around the world, distilled and delivered for your busy schedule.

1. Managed services for the win

What you need to know: Monique Williams, the South Africa regional sales manager for Hyland, talks managed services with IT Web. She covers the benefits, including quantifiable ROI, and how they can provide the right support from the right experts at the right time — an integral part of digital transformation.

The 60-second download: Leaders looking to define managed services and determine if it’s right for their organization will find answers to many of their questions. Read on for Williams’s insight on the cost savings and productivity boosting potential that managed services offer.

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2. How finance firms use hyperautomation

What you need to know: Jean Van Vuuren, EMEA Commercial Sales AVP at Hyland, explains how hyperautomation helps organizations make better use of the technologies they already have in place. He shares his thoughts with Global Banking & Finance about how financial services firms are optimizing existing technologies rather than implementing pricey new solutions.

The 60-second download: Van Vuuren details how organizations can improve efficiency by bringing together previously unrelated technologies to create seamless end-to-end workflows that overcome the usual internal boundaries of business. Connecting tools like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning improves accuracy and speed of common financial services processes, resulting in happier employees and customers.

Read it all: Hyperautomation — the new route to resilience for finance firms

3. We can, but should we?

What you need to know: The proliferation of modern collaboration tools has made virtual or hybrid work feasible. But, when it comes to those same tools and the potential negative impact they may bring, Hyland’s Alan Porter asks: Just because we can, should we?

The 60-second download: Porter, chief content architect at Hyland, wonders how much collaboration is too much collaboration in a chiefly online environment. He talks Zoom fatigue, facing constant change and setting collaboration boundaries.

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4. Cleveland rocks

What you need to know: Thanks to the newly formed Cleveland Talent Alliance, Hyland has one more tool in its recruiting arsenal to bring top tech talent to the company. Christina Johnson, Talent Acquisition team lead at Hyland, recently spoke to WKYC Studios during the Women in Cybersecurity Conference about recruiting the next generation.

The 60-second download: The event takes a fresh approach to attracting and retaining top talent in the Northeast Ohio region.

“This is the first time ever that we have had so many non-profits, who each touch this work in different ways. They are finally coming together and figuring out how they can work together collaboratively,” said Marianne Crosley, president and CEO of the Cleveland Leadership Center.

Read it all: Mission possible: Making Northeast Ohio a top draw for talent

5. Making the grade

What you need to know: CIO Insight highlights Hyland as part of its Best Enterprise Content Management Systems of 2022, noting that the industry is expected to grow to $38 billion by 2026.

The 60-second download: Hyland’s platform was recognized based on key features including search capability, AI functionality and analytics.

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Hyland’s team of technology professionals share leadership insights, technology news and insider information about how content services can help your organization deliver the best experiences of the digital age to... read more about: Hyland