Hyland wins second-consecutive Candidate Experience Award


For the second consecutive year, Talent Board named Hyland as a 2016 North American Candidate Experience Award winner. This award represents the hard work and determination of our recruiting team and hiring staff.

Throughout the past year, Hyland has seen a lot of growth, as we hired more than 350 individuals. While we always receive a large number of applications, we strive to focus on our commitment to those candidates. And every year, we try to do even better.

Great people deliver great service

Hiring the best and the brightest is crucial to the success of Hyland. In turn, so is staying loyal to our customers by providing them with exceptional service and giving them peace of mind that their data is secure. Customer success is a key element that makes Hyland successful. And we can’t do that without great employees.

So what has Hyland changed to our candidate experience in the last year? A lot!

In the past six months, we implemented an applicant tracking system, iCims, to better help candidates match their skills with our job opportunities. Through iCims, we provide candidates with a dashboard that lets them understand where their application is in our hiring process. This has helped us deliver great experiences, as the iCims dashboard provides candidates with real-time information. It’s quite a different experience than the past, when you would write emails and make phone calls asking for updates.

Additionally, we relaunched the Hyland career website, ensuring a great experience for end users, focusing on specific target groups and making it easy to navigate and explore our openings. This gave us an opportunity to target specific groups – interns, recent graduates, mid-career level and experienced candidates – by providing custom tabs for these job categories. We’ve also taken the initiative to post specific job fair and/or campus-related events for applicants to save the date and meet folks.

Focusing on candidate success

In the past year, Hyland’s recruiting team has split into two different subgroups, allowing us to concentrate even more on candidate success. The recruiting group focuses heavily on recruiting and connecting with hiring managers to fill our average 400 open requisitions each year. This provides an opportunity for our recruiters to focus fully on building a relationship with our hiring managers along with candidates – ultimately improving communication on both ends.

While the recruiting team is in the process of filling open requisitions, recruiting program managers focus on driving success in different initiatives at Hyland. These initiatives include:

  • Social media
  • Branding
  • The campus relations management and internship program
  • Managing the applicant tracking system
  • Diversity and inclusion hiring programs
  • Relocation and international policies
  • And most importantly, providing a proactive approach to ensure a positive candidate experience

As a result of our growth and candidate pool, Hyland has brought on an additional department coordinator. This gives an opportunity for candidates to receive accurate and timely scheduling as well as timely, accurate answers to all their questions.

As we look to 2017, we hope Hyland continues to prove to our candidates and our customers that truly we’re here to make a positive impact in the world of enterprise information.

And it all starts with providing a positive experience for our candidates.

Courtney Byham is a recruiting program manager at Hyland. She has been a member of Hyland’s Recruiting team for five years. In her current role, she manages recruiting relationships and implements programs to improve Hyland. She holds a business degree from John Carroll University. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, hiking and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite Hyland perk is the walking path.
Courtney Byham
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Courtney Byham

Courtney Byham is a recruiting program manager at Hyland. She has been a member of Hyland’s Recruiting team for five years. In her current role, she manages recruiting relationships and... read more about: Courtney Byham