Hyland University — there is nothing we can’t accomplish, together

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Kevin Rusnak is a senior manager in Hyland’s Education Services division. He shares the exciting news of Hyland University’s launch and why this opens up opportunities for accelerated digital innovation — for everyone.

As we welcome the second week of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and feel the sense of renewal and possibility that is literally in the air, I’m pleased to share with you the opening of Hyland University — learning space for developing expertise across the entire Hyland portfolio of products.

What is Hyland University?

Hyland University is Hyland’s mobile-ready learning management system (LMS) that enables learners to easily develop strategic expertise in the key and emerging digital technologies that are changing the world, in this moment and beyond.

Education is for improving the lives of others.
$Marian Wright Edelman$

This quote is so inspiring to me personally, because in more than 15 years as an educator and a leader in our Education Services department at Hyland, I can say with absolute certainty that it’s true.

In every corner of the organization here at Hyland we seek to understand where challenges lie for our customers and partners in all industries — and we use our collective awareness, inspiration and expertise in emerging technology to help those we serve rise above these challenges and succeed.

Who is Hyland University for?

Hyland University is for teams and solution owners across our portfolio of products who are implementing, supporting, architecting, administering or using Hyland solutions.

It’s also for anyone who is interested in seeing the training that is available, or wants to attain expertise and certifications in Hyland’s Nuxeo open source content services platform and digital asset management (DAM) solutions.

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6 things to know about Hyland University

As your digital solutions become more complex in their capabilities, the truth is they are simpler to understand, implement, maintain and expand the more knowledge you have.

Hyland University makes it easy to quickly attain the expertise you need.

Here are some key things to know as you get started:

  1. How to sign in: In order to access your training on Hyland University, simply sign in with your Hyland ID. For those who do not have a Hyland ID, but who want to explore Hyland University:
    • Register for a Hyland ID, and then
    • Sign in to Hyland University with that ID
    • Access all of Hyland’s Nuxeo open source content services and DAM training, and see the catalog of the training options in the Hyland portfolio of products.
  1. The My Training page on Hyland University is all about you. It contains your training history, as well as courses you’ve elected to save from the Catalog, enabling you to curate your own personal learning journey. Watch the welcome video to learn more about adding courses to your queue, and more.
  2. In-depth product training, industry-specific training, and role-based and end user training provide the ability to equip your teams with exactly the training they need to feel empowered in their roles — with the expertise and confidence to maintain, support and expand solutions as needs evolve.
  3. Training options in the university support the way you prefer to learn:
    • Instructor-led courses provide in-depth and hands-on training on some of our key technologies, enabling learners to ask questions and interact real-time with expert instructors, as well as their peers.
    • Self-paced courses provide the same instructor curriculum and methodologies, using videos and tools that enable you to complete the course on your own time at your own pace.
    • On-demand courses provide strategic training across product lines that you can conduct any time, from anywhere, even from your tablet or phone.
    • Learning paths guide you in specific disciplines.
    • Certification programs enable you to prove your expertise as your digital acumen expands.
  1. Closed captioning is available for some of our most popular courses, and we are continually enhancing the site for accessibility and localization.
  2. Built into the site is a form to encourage feedback, suggestions and questions regarding Hyland University, and we truly look forward to hearing about your experiences with the site.

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Learn, practice and evolve your solutions, as well as your role

The time has never been better to take a digital leap forward by taking advantage of the opportunities Hyland University offers in its comprehensive, inclusive and connected training. Why?

  1. Hyland technologies are rapidly evolving and expanding. These include:
    • Low-code content services platforms as well as platforms for open source development that provide digital asset management (DAM) and cloud-native content services
    • Capture solutions
    • Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions
    • Integrated case management solutions
    • Mobile solutions
    • Learn more about digital transformation trends
  1. Just as Hyland is expanding and evolving, your Hyland solutions and the capabilities possible with solutions you already have in place are evolving at a scale that is only accelerating.
  2. Strategic education is no longer based solely in a classroom environment, virtual or on-site. We see a future where on-demand, mobile, connected and social learning in technology education will continue to be a requirement, supporting a global community of learners.

With the right tools and access to today’s key digital training content you can learn, practice and evolve your Hyland solutions — as well as your role.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
$Benjamin Franklin$

We realize the value of our learning community and their expertise, and we realize the value of continuing to enhance Hyland University in partnership with our learners. It’s what excites us about being trainers, educators, adventurers and explorers.

We’ve endeavored in the past two years to understand the components that were essential to moving forward as we rebuild our platform, and we’ve had the great opportunity to connect with the pioneers, passionate learners and innovative path seekers in digital innovation at events like TechQuest, CommunityLIVE and in the classroom.

Thank you to the Hyland learning community members who have contributed along the Hyland University journey. We are just getting started.

Welcome to Hyland University, we can’t wait to see you there!

Senior Manager - Education Services at Hyland Software
Kevin Rusnak is a Senior Manager in Hyland’s Education Services. He has been with Hyland since 2004. Kevin leads a team of instructional designers, videographers and developers in delivering and expanding the reach of Hyland University — Hyland’s industry-leading digital content services LMS platform which provides training across the entire Hyland portfolio of products, and serves Hyland’s customer, partner and employee learning community.
Kevin Rusnak

Kevin Rusnak

Kevin Rusnak is a Senior Manager in Hyland’s Education Services. He has been with Hyland since 2004. Kevin leads a team of instructional designers, videographers and developers in delivering and... read more about: Kevin Rusnak