Hyland named to Best Workplaces for Camaraderie 2015 list


I’m excited to announce that Hyland was named number 12 out of 50 on the Best Workplaces for Camaraderie 2015 list by Great Places to Work Review.

What better way to start the New Year than being honored for everything you achieved last year, and then looking forward to improving even more this year?

And I have to say, this award truly speaks to all the contributions from every single Hylander! The ones that hold the door in the morning for each other, the ones that drop what they are doing to help solve someone else’s problem, the ones that take the time to get to know new employees, the ones that motivate each other to achieve their goals and New Year’s resolutions (sometimes well into February!), the ones that give you support when your personal life isn’t in order, the ones that fly overnight to help a customer the next morning, and the ones that truly care about making Hyland a great place to work.

These people deserve this award! And it is part of my job to make sure these wonderful people are happy, taken care of and productive.

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How we do it

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve found that one of the best ways to ensure this happens is to keep an open and continuous communication loop with our employees. Gathering feedback and suggestions directly from Hylanders allows us to evolve our employee engagement strategy in step with employee needs.

As is typical with employee feedback, you spend most of your time focusing on areas of improvement. We’re no different here at Hyland.

But every now and again, we reflect on all of the positive things employees have to say – and the No. 1 thing we always hear is: “It’s the people.” The people who have become their closest friends, the people who inspire them to do their best work, and the people who keep them here! So we build our programs around our people and we look to focus our efforts on strengthening these relationships and increasing camaraderie.

I would even venture to say that if I walked up to 20 different employees and asked them, “What do you like best about working at Hyland?” I would know the answer. They would say, “It’s the people!” All 20 of them.

Ok, maybe one would say their paycheck and another would say the flex days or the Atomic Burger in the diner. But 18 out of 20 would say the people that they work with and work for! And we’ll take it!

That’s why we’ve implemented – or strengthened – programs that the 2015 list highlights like our off-site retreats for advanced leadership, a wellness center with an on-site nurse practitioner, a state-licensed on-site care and learning facility for children of employees, an on-site fitness center, a paid sabbatical program and even an innovation program. We focus on creating opportunities for employees that strengthen relationships and fostering a positive work environment where employees are happy, healthy and engaged.

As the list demonstrates, we’ve had very positive results with these efforts. For example, at Hyland:

  • 94 percent of employees say their workplace is great
  • 97 percent of employees feel good about the way the organization contributes to the community
  • 96 percent of employees are proud to tell others they work here

It takes a community

I think that last bullet point speaks volumes. We’re proud of what we’re doing here. In many ways. From helping our customers to become more efficient and effective to helping students learn about technology and kick starting their careers, we’re proud of what we do. And we couldn’t do what we do without the 2,000+ employees that make Hyland what it is!

We’re also proud of what recognition on this list means to our local community. It’s an honor for us to be included in the continued growth and achievements of our hometown – and our customers around the world.

Thank you to Great Places to Work for including us on this list. Also, thank you to our employees for taking the time to give feedback.

If you’d like to learn more about current openings at Hyland, check out our career page. If you have any questions regarding our culture or employee engagement programs, feel free to leave a comment below!

Kathleen Vegh works in Hyland’s Human Resources department as the director of employee experience, a position she’s held since February of 2008. In her role, she leads a team that is responsible for attracting and retaining top IT talent. The team’s goal is to create meaningful and unique experiences that engage, connect and develop our workforce in pursuit of increased employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. An Ohio University graduate, she lives in Bay Village with her husband Dave and their three daughters.
Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh works in Hyland’s Human Resources department as the director of employee experience, a position she’s held since February of 2008. In her role, she leads a team that... read more about: Kathleen Vegh