Hyland named to 2015 North American Candidate Experience Awards list


As a candidate, you run through a flurry of emotions when applying for a new job. From aspects of thinking “Shoot, why didn’t I add this to my resume before submitting” to “I applied 10 days ago, why am I not hearing anything?”

We at Hyland, creator of OnBase, hear you loud and clear applicants.

One of our Recruiting team’s key initiatives in 2015 was to evolve the candidate experience to ensure we put your worries to ease. We re-evaluated how the flow of our candidates were coming through, ensuring that all who apply, interview and go through our recruiting process have a positive experience.

Keeping in mind that we receive 15,000+ applications every year, we knew this was a challenge, but a challenge we were determined to overcome.

Technology + analysis = success

Through our journey, we found that even though our own document management software has been a tremendous help, the human interaction required was beyond our scope. So what’s changed as we strive to create a positive experience for all of our applicants?

One step we took was to survey our 2014 candidates through an organization called Talent Board, a non-profit organization that helps businesses assess their candidate experience. This survey was sent out to all candidates who applied at Hyland, giving 2014 candidates a chance to provide their feedback into our interview process. We took an open-minded look at the responses and made some improvements.

Through the survey, Hyland was also automatically entered into the CandE Awards. The CandE Awards is a recognition program that exists to enable organizations to benchmark and improve their candidate experiences. The goal is to help companies provide positive experiences with simple, transparent interview processes with effective communication along the way.

We are pleased to announce that Hyland was chosen as one of the winners of the 2015 North American Candidate Experience Awards. While this is an incredible honor, candidate experience is always going to be a moving goal post.

So even though we are honored to have made the 2015 list, we’ll continue to make strides toward improving your experiences as a candidate moving into 2016 and beyond. We look forward to hearing from you!

Courtney Byham

Courtney Byham

Courtney Byham is a recruiting program manager at Hyland. She has been a member of Hyland’s Recruiting team for five years. In her current role, she manages recruiting relationships and... read more about: Courtney Byham

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