Hyland named one of the Best Places to Work for Women

Earlier today, Great Places to Work and Fortune published a list of the Best Workplaces for Women and ranked Hyland No. 34!

I am extremely proud of this recognition. I want to thank all survey participants for providing their honest feedback about Hyland’s culture, leadership, fairness and other organizational elements that make it a supportive environment for all employees and overall, a great place to work.

As senior vice president of our Human Resources department, and a proud Hyland employee for more than 20 years, I get very nostalgic when I look back on my career. As part of Hyland’s mission, we have implemented several initiatives that strongly encourage our employees to take ahold of their career aspirations. We believe it’s a top priority to provide our employees with as many resources as possible in order to do so.

Our employees are our family

There’s been a lot of change over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is our unwavering commitment to our employees and customers. It’s an inherent part of our culture and something we remain dedicated to.

In fact, two of our core values state our commitment to this: Our customers are our partners and our employees are our family. You need look no further than our Child Enrichment Center, a state-licensed onsite care and learning facility for the children of employees, to see how important family is at Hyland.

Looking back, we’re proud of the programs we’ve put in place to support all of our employees, including women pursuing careers within the tech field. In the early days, careers in the technology field were primarily pursued by males.

But there’s a shift happening. And we’re proud to be a part of it.

In the past three years, we’ve seen 50 percent growth of female employees within our workforce in our U.S. locations. To support this growth, and continue the positive trend, we’ve coordinated onsite programs to support our female employees as well as candidates interested pursuing technology careers.

These programs include:

  • A bi-yearly Women in Technology Conference (the next one is Saturday, October 14, 12 – 4 p.m. at Hyland) with a goal to help collegiate and career-level women interested in exploring degrees and careers in Information Technology.
  • HylandWIN (Women in Networking), an internal resource group focused on empowering females to provide educational resources, networking opportunities and personal development among female advocates at Hyland. The group has over 200 members meeting regularly on topics such as confidence, personal brand, time management and leadership.
  • Technical outreach programs that connect students to Hyland-run technology competitions, camps, clubs and field trips to educate them about careers in technology.
  • Sponsoring events that help females and female advocates get more involved in science, technology, engineering and math opportunities. In the past couple of years, Hyland has worked with OCWiC, Girls Who Code and has included women recruiting initiatives into our campus and formal recruiting process.

Female leadership

I was recently reminded of the importance of supporting women pursuing their career aspirations when I read HylandWIN’s interviews with remarkable female leaders. In the series, these women discuss their journeys and the principles they’ve followed throughout their careers to get where they are in this industry today – showcasing the successful career paths of Hyland’s women executives and managers.

The industry has certainly come a long way since I began my career and I’m excited to continue to develop programs that inspire confidence in our youth to pursue technology professions – both males and females.

Debbie is senior vice president of Human Resources at Hyland. Debbie joined Hyland as Human Resources Manager in 1997. In her role, she is responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s human resource strategies and programs. Her responsibilities include: management of international and national employment relations, employee training and development, compensation management, benefits development and administration, Federal and State compliance, recruitment, and performance management.

Prior to joining Hyland, Debbie held a position in employee benefit sales and service, where she developed an extensive knowledge of benefit design, implementation, compliance and administration. Debbie holds a Master of Public Administration, as well as a B.S. in Education from Cleveland State University.
Debbie Connelly

Debbie Connelly

Debbie is senior vice president of Human Resources at Hyland. Debbie joined Hyland as Human Resources Manager in 1997. In her role, she is responsible for the development and implementation... read more about: Debbie Connelly