Hyland named one of FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® 2015


For the second consecutive year, Hyland, creator of OnBase, was selected as a FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For®. This is great news for two sets of people. First, Hyland employees; and second, our customers.

For the people who work at Hyland, making this list provides credibility for our core values. After all, not every company has a “happy employees, happy customers” culture that promotes work-life balance. It’s also great news for our customers, as we’ve found that treating employees the way they would treat themselves is very empowering. And when our employees are happy, healthy and engaged, they give our customers the best support, most knowledgeable insight and quickest response times with every interaction.

For example, we encourage all employees to take advantage of Hyland’s one-of-a-kind perks program. It’s all about fueling our employees’ passion by ensuring they’re physically and mentally fit. Because when people feel appreciated, they go the extra mile.

That’s our secret recipe. It’s pretty simple and it’s not really a secret, but it works – for both our employees and our customers.

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Not just words: Happy employees = happy customers
While we focus on keeping employees happy, since our founding in 1991, customers have always been just as important. When we talk about engaging with our customers, customer “satisfaction” isn’t enough. We aim for customer “delight.”

I realize this post might seem like I’m bragging. But I’m doing so because we’ve found the more we focus on employees, the more our employees focus on our customers. You could call it a virtuous circle.

For example, here are some statistics that prove happy Hyland employees equals happy customers:

  • 98 percent software license renewal rate
  • 73 percent of tech support issues closed same-day
  • 6 percent voluntary turnover

Among the hundreds of companies that competed for a place on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list, Fortune selected Hyland for inclusion based on the results of an extensive employee survey by the Great Places to Work Institute.

I’m very proud of this. And I’m proud of our employees – they’re the ones who deserve all the credit.

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh works in Hyland’s Human Resources department as the director of employee experience, a position she’s held since February of 2008. In her role, she leads a team that... read more about: Kathleen Vegh

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