How customer insight drives innovation: User Experience Week 2015


The User Experience (UX) department at Hyland, creator of OnBase, is constantly working to improve our platform and product. Recently, we introduced User Experience Week to provide unique events for employees to understand the importance of the user experience process. We also demonstrated how we use scientific methods to gather user research and make informed design and development decisions based on user testing.

Building usability into the process

We kicked off the week with the OnBase Research & Development (R&D) Lab, fresh from its success at our annual user conference, CommunityLIVE. We had many exciting product concept ideas on display to showcase the kinds of wildly innovative solutions we can create with user-centered research and design. Employees throughout the company had a chance to see how actively listening to users – aka stepping into their shoes – leads to insight and innovation you simply can’t get by brainstorming.

It’s a simple concept, but one you can easily lose sight of in the flurry of today’s fast paced business.

We continued the week with presentations on how to actively listen and engage users to get better feedback as well as tours of our in-house usability lab to explain how we test our software to collect valuable scientific user data. We also held discussions on how the Development and QA departments should include usability in the software change and development processes.

We finished the week with a hands-on workshop where employees had a chance to design their own prototype software and understand how to leverage user research to create a better product quicker and more efficiently.

The true value of usability

Ultimately, UX Week raised awareness about how user research helps drive innovation, speeds development, and leads to more useful and comprehensive enterprise content management solutions. But the real goal of improving the user experience is giving customers increased productivity from better-designed products, which helps their organizations save money. Decreased training times, fewer support issues, and faster adoption rates are all tangible benefits of a better user experience.

That’s why prospective customers increasingly look at user experience as a key purchase-making decision.

Decision makers are also including user feedback and acceptance testing in their processes more and more, often with surprising results. And, as enterprise software continues to evolve and grow, focusing on user experience will continue to be a differentiator of these products. Events like UX Week and the R&D Lab will continue to highlight how user-centered research and design generates meaningful innovation for future versions of our software suite.

In the end, no matter what your business does, it’s all about the user experience. Keeping that in mind as you develop new products and services means you’re not innovating for the sake of innovation – you’re truly making other people’s lives better.

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Marc Majers

Marc Majers

Marc Majers is a senior user experience designer on the User Experience Team (UX) for Hyland, creator of OnBase. The UX Team acts as an advocate for end users within... read more about: Marc Majers

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