Grinnell and WPS finalists for BPM and workflow awards

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I’m very excited to share the news that two Hyland customers recently were finalists for awards in excellence in business process management (BPM) and workflow.

The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and awards pay particular attention to solutions that support processes extending beyond the corporate boundaries to support customers, suppliers and trading partners.

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company and WPS Health Solutions (WPS) recognized the need for adaptive data-driven, goal-oriented and agile business process automation. Their innovative solutions clearly stood out to the judges, as this year was the most competitive yet, with a record number of over 60 submissions.

Here are their stories.

Grinnell’s innovative case management system

While successfully providing property and casualty insurance and reinsurance to customers for more than a century, Grinnell’s underwriting and claims processes needed an overhaul. With little visibility into one another’s workloads and decisions, Grinnell’s Claims and Underwriting departments had no easy way to collaborate on policies or claims. And, with information required to handle those policies and claims scattered across paper files, network shares, email inboxes and an AS400 processing system, service levels and audits needed help.

Using its existing enterprise content management (ECM) platform, Grinnell created a mission-critical case management system to better manage underwriting and claims processes for all its clients. And it worked – demonstrated by WfMC and recognizing Grinnel’s innovative solution that transformed and optimized its information-intensive underwriting and claims processes.

Rather than spending time and money on custom development, Grinnell’s System Administrator created the solution via point-and-click configuration, leveraging its ECM system’s underlying content repository and native integration and workflow management functionality. The solution now provides Underwriting and Claims with access to all policy and claim information in a single, central location.

The solution also integrates with Grinnell’s homegrown processing system, automatically displaying updated claims data alongside related policy information.

“Our OnBase case management solution provides a 360-degree view of policy and claim information, which has improved collaboration between our Underwriting and Claims departments and transformed our processes,” said Missy Gaul, IT manager at Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance. “The ability to see all notes surrounding a policy or claim, as well as the decision trail behind those processes, from one central place, ensures we have total visibility to improve both compliance and service levels.”

WPS’ advanced case management system

Like Grinnell, WPS used OnBase as an enterprise information platform to build a case management system to adapt processes to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of knowledge-driven work. WPS created a solution to improve its information-intensive credentialing and enrollment process to help review and enroll the more than 100,000 physicians and medical facilities that want to offer Medicare services.

“The OnBase case management solution provides a comprehensive view of the information our employees need to manage, review and validate provider enrollment applications,” said Janet Kyle, executive vice president for Government Health Administrators at WPS. “The solution helped us drastically reduce processing times to become one of the most efficient Medicare Administrative Contractors for provider enrollment.”

This marks the third-consecutive year that the WfMC has recognized organizations using OnBase case management capabilities. We’re extremely proud of Grinnell and WPS and the optimized services all our customers are able to provide. And we’re proud that we help them accomplish these goals.

Want to learn more about how Grinnell and WPS are leveraging their case management systems? Check out their case studies here and here.

Cara McFarlane is Hyland’s sales enablement solution marketing manager. Her mission is to effectively position Hyland as the leading content services platform within financial services, insurance, government, higher education, and emerging markets by sharing best practices that accelerate organization’s digital strategy across their enterprise. Cara leverages her 19 years’ experience in the content and process automation software industry to help lead Hyland’s market vision and roadmap. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa.
Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane is Hyland’s sales enablement solution marketing manager. Her mission is to effectively position Hyland as the leading content services platform within financial services, insurance, government, higher education, and... read more about: Cara McFarlane