Greener grass and Fortune’s “30 Best Workplaces in Tech” list


It’s really cool playing for a winning team. Here in Cleveland, the easiest way to demonstrate this is a comparison of the Cavs and the Browns. Taking the difference in the physicality of the sports out of the equation – a foul for slapping someone’s hand versus legally slamming someone to the ground – which team would you rather play for?

It’s obvious. The Cavs. Why? Because winning is wonderful™.

That’s why I’m proud to announce, once again, that Hyland has been named to Fortune magazine’s “30 Best Workplaces in Technology” list. It’s truly an honor.

Hyland came in at number 10 this year. Not bad, considering there are at least 100,000 software and IT service companies in the United States, according to SELECTUSA.

Why this list is important to your business

“Leaders of organizations around the world recognize when they are selecting an enterprise solution, they are buying more than software,” said Ed McQuiston, Hyland’s senior vice president of global sales & marketing. “They are partnering with an organization they will depend upon for continuous R&D, upgrades, customer service and technical support.”

As McQuiston notes in his blog post, half of employees in the U.S. are not engaged in their jobs, according to the Gallup Organization. So, do you want to partner with people who are engaged or disengaged?

Are Hylanders engaged? Why, yes. Yes we are. More on that in a minute.

What your tech vendor doesn’t want you to know: Why the grass is greener

As you know, most people love to repeat the line, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” to make the point that you should stay where you are, because things only look better from afar.

But that statement simply isn’t true. My neighborhood varies from thick, green grass to dry, brown grass. I’m sure your neighborhood is the same way. If you like green grass, there are steps you can take as a homeowner to ensure that happens.

The same goes as an employee. Like purchasing a home you love, it is possible to find an organization where you feel like you’re at home and enjoy your work. And – like a proud homeowner who reaps the benefits of hard work and investment – you tend to give a little more.

As Hylanders, we are extremely engaged. We like where we work and are a passionate group. We’re passionate about what we do and how we help our customers.

That’s why our customers, as well as partners and analysts, view our company and our solutions as leaders in the enterprise information industry. That happens because we really care. We want everyone’s grass to be green.

On behalf of everyone at Hyland, I’d like to say how proud we are to be named to Fortune’s list again.

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh works in Hyland’s Human Resources department as the director of employee experience, a position she’s held since February of 2008. In her role, she leads a team that... read more about: Kathleen Vegh

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